Saturday, April 30, 2011

For my Chocolate Lovers

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies...

Don't these look delicious? You can find this recipe at the PickyPalate.
It's been a while since I have shared a delicious looking Chocolate recipe with all my blogging friends. I thought this one would be perfect for your Summer Holidays.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

An Award... :)

It's been a while since I have received an award.. I don't think they are as prevalent as they use to be.. Most blogs are award free now... I have always enjoyed getting them.. It lets me know that I am entertaining you ladies with the items that I post here at AuntPittyPats....
Janet at JKW Art has been so sweet to give me this award.. if you have not visited her blog please run by. Janet has some awesome dolls and aprons that she has made posted up on her blog. I know I always find creative inspiration after visiting her ;)
I am unsure of the rules on this award but I am going to be like Janet and name three persons that have fun and exciting blogs that I enjoy reading :)
My first choice is Nadine from Apron Valley Road. Run by check out her blog she is the funniest lady around.. I always get a chuckle from her posts.. her latest with the crochet adventure will make you laugh so hard you will get tears!!
My next inspiration is Val from Yarni Gras. Val is such a wonderful giving and creative woman. I enjoy seeing what she and her family are up too. Her children are so talented and very loving! LOL Val and I use to be in a lot of apron and other swaps together... because I knew if I went to her blog she would already have found the cool fun swaps. Yes I copy catted her a lot... She still laughs about that. If you love apron swaps.. Val holds awesome swaps.
My last inspiration is Doris from Crocheting in Georgia. I am so happy that Doris found me through the old Pins and Needles web site.. I have gotten to know her the last couple of years. You could not find a better person to know... Doris is always posting wonderful fun photos of the area that she lives in. I adore the photos of her little dog Gizzy.. he is always sending sweet little notes to the Pitty. If you don't know it Doris is awesome at crocheting.. I own a few of her amazing items. You can find this very talented ladie's wares at Etsy. I think she has a link on her blog..
I have introduced you to three of my long time blogging friends.. Please run over and say hello :)
Once again Janet thank you for this award!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aweee sweetness :o)

Hello sweet friends.. I am beaming today. I received the sweetest E-mail form Kyla she was concerned because I haven't been posting here in Blogger. She was worried there was something wrong.... Isn't that sweet of her to think of me!!
I tell you ladies I have been so busy opening up my three Etsy shops again it has taken a large chunk of my free time. Photographing, scanning, and listing items takes a lot of time and energy. Only sad thing is.. it has taken away from my sewing time!!! That I hate.. but I don't hate making a few extra pennies for more (delicious) stash :) I have had some huge expenses since the first of the year and my savings was looking a little slim.. so that means I needed get some green backs back into it ;)
Here is what I am offering in my Etsy shops.....
I am selling regular patterns in my Cowgrlup shop
I am selling Craft patterns in my AuntPittyPats2 shop
I am selling handcrafted items in my AuntPittyPats shop.
Drop by take a look see if there is something that you might be interested in .... Also while your there click me as a favorite or join in on my circle :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Swap up on Pins and Needles

Hello sweet friends.. Some of my followers love to crochet. I never hold these types of swaps here on APP... That is because I sew :O)... I don't know slip stitch about Crochet LOL. I wanted to do something fun for my crocheting followers... I just posted a Crochet swap up on
Pins and Needles
if your interested please run over there and take a look ;)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Every Since.. I received my apron

Once upon a time.. APP held an up-cycle apron swap on her blog. The rules were to use an old clothing item to make your partner an apron. I used a dress to make my partner her apron and she loved it. My sweet swapping friend Maria in Canada, used a mans shirt to make my apron. I fell in love with it. It really turned out amazing~~
Don't you like how she used all parts of this man's shirt to make my apron... the neck band and the label on the waist band? The pockets were made from the sleeve cuffs.

After receiving this creative apron I have seen lots of things made from re-cycled man's shirt. Quilts, dresses, blouses, purses, aprons, potholders, and the list is endless. I am just trying to figure out what I want to make .. there are so many wonderful creative ideas out there!

Find how to make this fun dress at Madison Avenue Baby Craft and Decorate.

This fun ladies dress was found at Ma Chemise D'Homme. Isn't this a cute dress?

This amazing gown was made out of re-cycled Shirt collars... by Junky Styling. Picture taken at Ethical Fashion Forum booth, London Clothes Show. I am amazed at this beautiful gown.. read more about this dress at Shahime.. Ethical Fashion.

This is a fun and very cute up-cycled man's shirt. I know you will want to go visit the web site where I found this shirt. There are other wonderful fun creations there! You will find tons of fun ideas at Refashinoso. I am so in LOVE with this blog I can't get enough of their creative projects!

Finally this amazing Quilt ;) Made from a page in Kaffe Fassett's Shirt Stripe quilt from his book Passionate Patchwork. It was found at drobertatClemson on Flickr. Aren't these projects amazing.. my mind has been whirling around every since I received my cute apron!!
Let us know if you come up with something fantastic that you would like to share with the rest of us....

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blast from the Past Day Two

I know a lot of you love to work out in the garden in the spring, summer and fall. I have the perfect salve recipe just for you. You can make it in your own home with easy to find ingredients. LOL propably not.. might have to look for that rosin!!

Homemade Salve
Melt together 1/2 pound lard.
1/4 lb rosin
1/4 pound beeswax
one ounce camphor.

Melt all items together.. after hot and melted take it from the stove and ad a little turpentine
when almost cold.

Furniture Polish:
These instructions are from the 1800's. Equal parts of turpentine, paraffin oil and apple vinegar.

I don't recommend this one!!! EVER!!!
Can you say tetanus shot???
That is what you should be getting in 2011 :o)

An old Indian Remedy for Lockjaw:
Take a plug of strong smoking tobacco, soak in hot water. Split plug and bind it on the pit of the patient's stomach (he is laying on his back). This will make him sick at the stomach and the jaws will open. If need be, repeat the process next day, soaking the same tobacco and apply as before.

Please don't use these recipes, if they are for ingestion..
They are for entertainment only..

I don't have a clue if they will hurt you.. but medicine has came along way since these recipes have been written out!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Old Remedies and Tips

I haven't been posting on my blog as much as I use to, because I am at a loss for anything interesting to write about. After several days of thinking about what to write...I thought I would start a new thing here on the APP blog. I am always coming across tips and other fun things that I read. Lets see a show of hands.. How many of you think it would be fun to see the funny vintage Home Remedies and tips I come up with?
Please feel free to share yours in the comment section :)

For today's Blast From the Past:

" In pioneer days we did not get our cosmetics out of bottles, jars, or any other containers"

Beauty Secrets of the Past:
We used our natural resources---- plenty of soap and water, plenty of outdoor exercise, with our bodies covered. We kept our necks, arms, and faces protected from the wind and sun.

Ladies were never supposed to let the sun see her face or arms. Instead of suntan, the whiter her skin and the pinker her cheeks the more beautiful she was-- and the pink cheeks and lips did not come from lip-stick. It was good health.

We washed our skin carefully with our hands, dried it and applied cream, from old "bossy," the cow. One tablespoon of thick cream, after the milk had cooled overnight, was the best face and skin conditioner there was.

For garden work, we had slat bonnets, and black stocking legs on our arms.

If we were healthy our eyes and lashes--- as God gave them to us-- gave us all the attractiveness we needed. At least the men in our lives seemed to think so.

To Remove Wrinkles
Melt together one ounce white wax, two ounces strained honey and two ounces of the juice of lily bulbs. The foregoing melted and stirred together will remove wrinkles.

Blogging Friends:

Please let me know if you enjoyed this little blog post. This is a reprint from Home Town News dated 1961 from The Wichita Eagle. (Rare Recipes and Budget Savers)

Friday, April 1, 2011

An Amazing Week :)

This is the home of Great Great Grandpa John Erastus Burk .. photo taken about 1900

I have had the most amazing week so far. I met my on line Buddy Sherry and now I have spent several days in a row talking to a distant cousin, that finally found my family after several years of searching. I have learned so much about my Burk side of the family this week its almost over whelming. I know I have received more data than my pea brain can process in such a short time span. I know I will have to ask my cousin Michael many more questions. We have been sharing photos, stories and documents all week via inter-net and phone calls.
I have been thrilled beyond words to get all the photos and stories that I have heard this week regarding my Burk family tree.
I have spent many years of my life thinking there was only my Dad, Me and my Bubba on my Burk and Smith side of the family. Now I have a whole world open up to me in the last week. How amazing the inter-net has became. I am very thankful for this wonderful and precious gift of family that has came into my life!!! Thank you lord for these sweet blessings!

My Dad in the middle... a photo I have never seen before!! I am so happy to have this!
Along with Adrian, and Dewey Burk.