Saturday, August 30, 2008

Indoor Grilling gone a muck

Well this is turning out to be a bad start to a long weekend.... I was telling Val from Yarni Gras that I needed to get off the net and go fix me some dinner. So I started fixing my dinner.. I heated up my little ol George Forman... as I was cooking myself a KC Strip for dinner... I had the potato in the micro oven. I Threw the Steak on George and came back to send out some more emails.... I Smelled the steak cooking... oh my tummy started growling and my mouth started to drool.. and lo and behold when I went to take it off the grill... the George Forman had went Kapo-tooooot.

So there I was with a less than half cooked steak.... now mind you if it had been half cooked I would have suffered through it. But we are talking raw here. So I tossed that very expensive steak into the micro... Yep your right its tough as shoe leather now... At least I can say the potato came out yummy. I think I will eat the Potato and chop the steak up and make burritos out of it for tomorrow. Boy I hate to waste a good steak like that. The only thing I could think of as a worse faith for that steak was for the cat and dog to get it off the counter.... Agggggggggggggg Charlie Brown

I had a small flickering of lights as a storm is rolling in... I hope when the George cools down it will reset and start working again.. If that is a possibility.. who knows maybe its wishful thinking. Most likely wishful thinking. Well if it doesn't heat up tomorrow or later tonite when I try it again... I have to go buy a new one tomorrow.. "I " as a single can't live with out my George.. It is way handy for cooking that just one little lone some piece of meat :)


Yarni Gras! said...

poor George...he just pooped out!