Thursday, August 21, 2008

Who said animals aren't funny :)

" OOO wwwww !!! I told you, don't pull my ears !

"Thanks, I had it done at that fabulous new salon downtown!"

"Everybody was Kung Fu fightin!"


Titanic.......the sequel

A nip here, a tuck look marvelous dahling!

" Hey lady, I think I found your problem!"

Do you REALLY think I'll grow into this???

"Aaaawww Man! I almost had it!!!!"

Is this your kid?

You got me for amusement purposes only, right?
(I had to look twice to realize this is the cat's paw!)

Gently moisten the area before moving in for the kill...

Please papa, don't leave me!


val said...

very cute...but the cat's paw takes the prize!

CathyJean said...

aawww... those are cute!!

Juri said...

Oh, I just love these pictures and your captions! How cute! I have enjoyed reading through your posts and looking at all your pictures! Great blog!


Ginger said...

LOL enjoyed the animals lol cat paw was great lol you get me giggling each time i come just love what you do on here.
hugs ginger

Adrienne said...

I've seen a lot of animal pics but hadn't seen this one - too funny! Loved the aprons you made ~ I'm going to have to check out some of the links for the swaps! Thanks again for stopping by.