Thursday, August 28, 2008

Real Bloggy stuff :)

Hello everyone.. I have been reading a lot of blogs on the net for a while now. I think I just might have the hang of this blogging stuff. Or at least the concept of it. I think... I just might once in a while post a small or large blirp about me :) I think mostly the reason I haven't written anything personal in the past is...
1. I think I'm boring. I hear I am funny..but I just don't see it :)
2. I am a recluse... not a shut in... I just choose not to go out much. The reason for this is I love love love my home and I also love to sew. Can't do either one of those if you are gone ;)(I do work... so I have to go out for that) (DAnG DiRtY word!!!!)
3. I really didn't have the hang of what people say in their blogs until reading a million of them. Ok you got me there maybe not a million. But it sure seemed like a million ;) And I must say all of them had interesting and clever ideas and thoughts on them ;) I still don't have the hang of it yet .... but I am going to give this a try. I have read some blogs that look like they are written by Einstein and others that are... well you know the ones I am talking about. I am not here to point fingers or hurt feelings. If I say or do something that hurts your feelings... (Bite me!!) No not really....Just remember these words... You can't please everyone all the time..but some of the people some of the time. :) I am very opinionated and sassy. I sometimes stick my nose where it doesn't belong.. then I spend days looking to find where I left it ;) I don't want my little spot in the neck of the woods to be a big whine and cheese festival either. I want happy happy happy. But once in a while I might not be so happy. Like when the drunk driver hit me. That was not happy.
4. Up until now... I didn't really know what to say on here. Now I have made some very very very wonderful Internet friends. We share sewing ideas and tips. I even do apron swaps with them.
5. Its hard for a person who lives alone to come up with clever and wonderful ideas without having that daily interaction of others living in your home. So.... I guess you are going to hear about all the antics of my creatures that live at home with me.
6. So I say " Live live live ... life is a party" just like Auntie Mame says:)

The House of OZ ... Kansas
Everyone that really knows me knows this is where Auntie "M" lives :)


CathyJean said...

What a "warm and comfy" home!! I'd never want to leave, either. Love that beautiful porch :)
Marcel ~ I enjoy your blog very much!
Thanks for sharing!

queen of everything said...

what a delightful house. my sister in law pointed me to your blog, after she got her apron. now i try to check it out daily for a good laugh. thanks, your blog is a bright spot in my day.

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

Thank you thank you everyone.. You are all to kind with your sweet words of praise.

I am very happy that I can make you all smile with my bit of whimsy.

RamFam said...

Gorgeous porch! I am green-eyed with envy!