Thursday, August 28, 2008

More about my house :)

I purchased this old farm house and the porch was about to cave in. As if I hadn't spent enough money on the house all ready ... Now these were unexpected repairs...(New plumbing, new heating and air, insulation, and some electrical work ... all done with in 3 months of moving in.) (My money pit!!!!)
LOL I call my little place:
The Oleo Ranch:
One of the cheaper spreads...
(not really cheap with the needed repairs right off the get go)
Ok back to the story I had to have a new porch. The old one would not do.
So when I decided how I wanted the porch done... I got estimates of the work to be done. So here is what they came up with first.

25 X 8 porch with two sets of steps. The cost from these guys were higher than Giraffe ears. I told them no thank you. I ended up talking to some guys out of the blue that said hey I can do that for you for X amount of money and here is what we can do for you.

They made me a huge porch 25 X 10, 16 X 20 extension off to the side, 3 sets of steps. The huge set on the front of the house was going to be straight up and down. I told them to angle them they said ok. It looks more inviting that way.
( There was to be a sidewalk leading from Drive way to porch. But as we all know things happen to detour our dreams a bit)

Ok Side tracked again on the story... let me see where was I???.. Ok you can't see the third set of steps from the picture. This set of steps leads to a huge concrete pad that I put my above ground pool on :) Now now people..don't get green with envy over my swanky pool.. it's ...A K-Mart blue light special .. at $49.00 at the end of the year sale. It's one of those you blow up the top rubber ring and fill it with water and there you go instant pool. The BBQ -er is on it too.
Next to that is my little (I mean little pond) " I had fish in it until this year I think the cranes ate them :-@ poor little fish!!!!!, although I had those fish for years... they had lots of babies (that I gave away) they were big fish really about a foot in length"
Humm Humm I keep getting side tracked.. on with the story...The guys also did a sidewalk all the way around my house and with the left over built a badly needed set of steps for my shed. And I got a set of steps thrown in too boot :) ( They did the steps as a surprise to me)

It had been an extremely hot June and July when they were putting the porch on. They asked me did I want the old cinder blocks removed ... where the old porch was. I told them heck no... I figured that would keep the creatures out from under the porch. (What a lame idea...the creatures still get under there) the guys were so thankful.. as the days were over 100 at the time.

So with it being that hot... I of course took them out cold drinks, fed them once in a while and told them to knock off in the afternoons if they wanted too. So I think that is why they surprised me with the steps to the shed.

If I had to work with anyone again building something at my house in the hot summer.. I would do the same thing again. People don't need to kill themselves doing a job. I don't like the heat of the day... and no one working outside should have to work that part of the day either.

I think that is why they invented naps :) We didn't have Air conditioning back when I was a kid and we always took a nap :)


queen of everything said...

i agree about hot afternoons. ewww

CathyJean said...

I bet you are really glad now that you had that porch put on, even though it was one of those "unexpected costs".
I love porches and yours looks so inviting.