Saturday, February 6, 2010


I have been spoiled!! I didn't even know this was out yet!! I received a copy of the wonderful Apron*ology book 2 from my dear friend Nadine... I have to tell you it has some fantastic eye candy in it. If you haven't seen it.. You should at least make it a point to go to your local fabric shop to take a long drooling glance at it. Don't forget to take one of your vintage hankies, if you don't use it to wipe off your drool.. you can add it to one of your awesome new creative aprons :) I know I am going to in-corporate some of the awesome embellishments into some of my aprons. I am of a like mind like Nadine.. this new book is so much better than book 1, Book 1 was awesome too but Apron*ology 2 ...... its over the top Fabulous!!!
Speaking of AWESOME if you have not heard the Susan Boyle Cd you better it's really really great!! I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I am. Susan has done some old favorites and some show tunes... a great combination in this album. A very relaxing mix of songs. Susan might not have the length of time in the business.. as a lot of singers .. but she has a voice that matches or exceeds them! Awesome album!! The arrangements almost brings tears to your eyes .. the music and the voice it's so beautiful....Now run out and listen to it you will see what I am talking about :)


Unknown said...

I've never seen it before but it looks like a winner, I wonder if Walmart will have, it's my only source?

NadineC said...

If you don't have a store that carries it, it is available online from Stampington at:

And, no...I'm not affiliated with them in any way :-)

They were flying off the shelf at the quilt shop I got mine and APP's at - I got mine first and then went to have lunch with a friend. While I was waiting for my friend to show up, I browsed the magazine. After lunch, I just HAD to run back to the shop to snag another one to send to APP!

Betty aka Fudgie said...

Beat you! Got mine Friday and have perused it three times I agree...mucho mejor than the primero!