Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Morning Blues

Some people woke up to the Monday Morning Blues... not me I woke up to the
most beautiful sight.

This snow has just the right moister content to make a perfect snowman!!! I just love it when there is a blanket of snow on the ground. Although it will not last long. The temps are warm and it is already melting away. I hear it outside drip drip drip. Oh well at least it's pretty for now... everything is so quiet..not a sound when you step outside. You have to catch everything just at the right time to be able to get the snow still on the branches of trees, rails, wires and so forth. I got out just in time to see it!! :) What a gorgeous day. Too bad there are no little ones here to make me a snowman!!! I sure miss my youth.. that is one thing I always did .. I made a snowman.. or two or three.. it could be up to 10. Everywhere I went I made a snowman ;) I wanted everyone to have a smile on their face!!
I have to tell a short story.. the first year I moved into the Oleo Ranch we had a huge winter snow. Thank goodness it was on one of my days off... so I could enjoy it like today. It was a Sat Morning and I had to go North to my brothers.. so there I was driving down the road... and what did I spy... all lined up all along my street were little snowmen. They each had the traditional 3 snow balls for the bodies, and branches for the arms. They were no more than a foot tall. Roughly a foot between each one of them.... I know who made these fun and whimsical snowmen... we only had one family with children at that time. Two boys and one girl. They had to have stayed outside making snowmen half the morning. It was so cute.. I took a photo .. but right now I can't find it.. but if and when I do I will post it to show you. It really was a cute thing to see. On Martha's I love it very much scale... I would give those little snowmen a 10 :)
Enjoy you warm weather people,
we have snow and will get more today and tonight ;)


It's almost 2:30pm here and the snow is almost melted..
it started raining. Oh well it was pretty while it lasted..
now its a squishy mud mess outside!!!


EmileeHope said...

Snow! Hoe beautiful!! Here in GA we hardly ever get snow, and when we do, it isn't much. (and the little we get melts away almost immediately!) Enjoy your beautiful snow day!

angiesraggedypatch said...

Anytime you need to see snow you are welcome in Missouri! lol We are getting even more snow now, we had 6 inches when I walked the dog, and its been snowing ever since, they just called school out. Probably I could have some snowmen in my yard this afternoon lol! I'll have to tell the 10 year old about making smaller ones.She'll love that idea!!!
Enjoy it while it lasts! :)

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

The little snowman all lined up must have been so cute to see. I never thought about going smaller with the snowmen. I always had to have the biggest I could make.

I love the first snowfall of the season. I also enjoy when the sun comes out and you hear the drip drip of it melting.

Becky said...

Pretty! I'm jealous cause almost all of ours has melted away.


Love your heart background!!! and you have my "permission" to go out and make a snowman---who says there is an age limit on making snowmen????
Thanks for sharing the pictures--and I love the pictures of all the Christmas blocks---great work!!
Hugs, Di

joolzmac said...

I am very jealous of your snow. We are still sweltering down under in Australia. I dream of seeing snow falling down around me sometime.

Enjoy your day,


Kathy said...

if you want some snow, I have plenty to share!!

judycinnc said...

I absolutely love snow and when the ground and trees are covered I truly believe God just cleaned up my space. I am surprised that you did not give way to at least a
12-inch snowman!!! What fun!!!