Monday, February 1, 2010

A great Day for Sewing

I was in chat last nite on Pins and Needles when I told Ms T and Jindi it was going to be a day of sewing. Yes ladies it was a day of sewing. I accomplished so much... in fact I got more sewing done than I thought I would. I started and completed both sets of 9's for the Holly Jolly themed block swap. I put the finishing touches on one set of blocks. Tomorrow the only thing left on both sets is put 3 penguins on backs then I am totally done with the Holly Jolly Block Swap. Well at least the sewing part :) Those three blocks should go very fast. I expect about an hour total :)
After that I need to figure out what sort of owl I want to use on my Owl block swap. I was thinking about doing raw edge applique with straight stitches. I think the edges frayed would look more like feathers when they raveled out. Now I just have to figure out the design of the owl. The designing is always the fun part for me.... the scheming and dreaming of what they will look like ;) I can hardly believe it. I have already received one set of owl blocks, one set is on the way.. and one of the Holly Jolly swappers asked if they could send the owls along with their Holly Jolly blocks. Its amazing the swap is not quite closed and the blocks are already starting to come in. Wow... Owls must be good subject matter when it comes to making things ;)
There is still lots of snow on the ground here in Ta Town. Tomorrow is going to be another fun day of sewing for me. I do want to get some more of my quilting shows dubbed off for my library of reference material tomorrow. One can never have enough instruction when it comes to sewing and quilting. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Until next time... happy stitching and no ripping ;)
Oh by the way I have three openings left for one group of 12 on pins for the owl blocks swap. Are you interested?? Send me and email if you want to play along ;)
Thanks M


Mistea said...

Glad to hear you had a good day in the sewing room and you have more of the same coming up tomorrow. Can't wait to see pics of those penguins.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you certainly sewed up a storm - go APP!! I'm also looking forward to seeing those bright penquin blocks.