Wednesday, February 3, 2010

LOL and what about those Yankees????

I guess if you want a torrent of comments.. one should always talk about babies, politics, and the in-justices of society.... I am a coward.....I really shy away from religion! The main reason for that is there are so many different ones and they believe so many different things. Like one doesn't believe in dancing.. then one doesn't believe in eating beef on Friday.. then one doesn't eat pork and so on and so on....... so to save from hurting feelings... I really try to stay neutral in that territory :) I think that is a very wise decision on my part. As for yesterdays vomiting of words... for all of you who sided with me on my views of yesterdays mishaps thank you and for those of you that some how disagreed... thank you too :) Its always fun to see how people feel about the subjects and ramblings that I post here on APP's. I loved reading all of your wonderful and funny remarks. Sometimes I feel we really don't use our blogs to their full potential. We.. or should I say... sometimes I hold back... but mostly I find I want to share the fun times and the handmade crafts.. One's that I have created and those items that have been create for me ;) So my blog is really all about fun.. but sometimes you just gotta let it all hang out... Life is not always Happy Days... but most days it really is about the Fonz, we want to look cool and say I meant to do that ;) So ladies lets dust off those poodle skirts and throw that pink cashmere sweat around your neck and do the be bop a loo la ;O)
I know I have happy feet today :O)
I got chocolate in the mail :)
Ps notebook computer doesn't like the outlook program.. so I can't send response emails, for your wonderful comments... sorry. I did enjoy reading everyone of them and thank you ;)


Mistea said...

I'm glad you had a good day today and sure hope there is more good mail for you before the end of the week.

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