Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm Having a Fit!!

Mucha muchhhhh grunch gurnch...brick a brack... mmm pstsssss >>> APP cussing!! Kermit is in the shop again. I could never get my external hard drive to load up. The computer guy says bring it back in.... He tells me your external drive is bad... I tell him its less than 4 months old its not bad because it was on the Dell before he worked on it.. and it loaded up ok on my notebook right before I brought it here to you. So he takes it over to his Notebook and it loads up lickity split for him... He then says its the C drive and its not recognizing the external drive code... well I said fix it!!! His reply was I have to contact Dell and get some sort of code to make the external hard drive recognize Kermit... I said do it !!! I want my computer back....So now its going to be gone another week. I spent over an hour getting my notebook back on line..... it took the cable company 30 mins to get the notebook to recognize the Ip address. Agggggggg APP has more grey hair after today's adventures!

What is it with people when it comes to doing a job??? They are either lazy and don't want to work or just don't give a darn!!! What is it anyway?????
Here let me explain what I mean... my doctor call the Pharmacy for a new med for me to take and the Prescription insurance co.. decline to fill the meds... how in the world is an insurance company as smart about my health as my doctor, that has cared for me the last 16 years.
My Doctor knows what is wrong with me not the 6 different insurance companies I have had in those 16 plus years.
Ok so I am worked up a tad about that.. we need to take that power back from those insurance companies and put it back in the hands of our doctors.. I am going to make it my goal to heckle those insurance people until change comes about.. NOW don't get me even started on that new Health Care Reform that your stupid President is trying to shove down our throats.. ok enough said about that.. as I don't want to hurt any ones feels with my own thwarted feelings toward this countries President.... or I should say puppet for congress. I was standing on line waiting to pay for my one prescription was was granted to be filled today. I always stand there reading the rag magazines.. and low and behold on the front of one of them is the in bold type Michelle Obama is tired of the drunken weekend parties at the White House... I don't know about you but if that is happening... we need to out that guy for sure.. That is a disgrace to our country acting that way... boot the dude!!! And the faster the better!!!

Ok so then I went to the post office and the lady was giving me a hard time about debit or credit with my bank card... of course I told her credit... she would not take it because the card was not signed... she smartly said.... its a federal law to sign those cards and we don't have to take them. I told her that other places take it all the time without a signature.. she then in a very flippant tone said WHAT EVER!! I went ... WHAT EVER MS RUDENESS!!!! Nasty thing then walked away and I wasn't even finished with my business there..... Well!!!! We pay them high postage prices to be treated that way??? So I left there and went to another Post Office and boy did I give them an ear full about that other post office... the second one I went to is my local one and they were shocked I was treated like that... Between you and me and the fence post I hope they say something about the treatment I received. Its too bad they don't get a commission on their sales.. because I spent over 70 dollars on postage today!! To think I got treated like that paying that much money too!!!

Only good thing about today is I was able to get my windshield wipers fixed and I had lunch with Daddy O ... I love spending time with him :) He can be such a grouch sometimes... but today was a great day :)

The rest of the day was uneventful.. thank goodness :)


NadineC said...

Gosh, APP - tell us how you REALLY feel! :-) Just kidding - hope your computer problems are fixed soon...as well as all those OTHER problems...maybe I'll have to send you something pretty to make you feel better???
Hugs - LOTS and LOTS of HUGS!

P.S. my secret word is "scendit" - so must be "someone" telling me to "scendit" something to you :-)

Calm down and hug The Pitty :-)

Rae Ann said...

Amen to all that you have said. You are so funny...I love reading your blog.
Sorry that you had such a hard day...but happy that you had your Daddy O there to brighten you up!
Hugs to ya!

Mistea said...

Glad there were some uneventful bits! Hope you received some lovely block packages today, they would be just the right medicine to put the smile back on your face. It does seem to be a theme that people in customer service roles haven't a care for the customers who provide their jobs.
Have a happy day.

Sandy Shirley said...

Poor, poor APP! So sorry that things are going so terribly wrong! Hang in there and hopefully things will look up soon!

CJ said...

OMG Auntie!!! Stop holding back!!! lol!!!! you know I'm kidding:) At least you have the guts to post your feelings, if I posted what I really feel somedays...
Health care?! yikes!!!! it's soooo scary and what's even scarier is that is only one of the many things he's messing with. I never would have believed that my country could sink so low is such a short amount of time! :( I am downright depressed about our future - if we even have one? I need that bumper sticker now that says "Don't blame me!! I DIDN'T vote for him!"
My prayer for Obama is Psalms 109:8
(read it!)
The PO??? what can I say?!!! It's a necessary evil :( they should be thankful for people like us who are helping them stay in business!!

Holly Days Closet said...

Amen to that. I'm with Cathy don't blame me I didn't vote for him.

Becky said...

Hope things go better for you APP!!!

On signing the credit card - I always look right into the yes of the person "demanding" that I sign it and say, "No, I will not give a thief the easier opportunity to use my card if it's stolen or lost. Would you like to see my Drivers License to prove who I am?"

I love when someone verifies my ID. I feel a bit safer about my transaction.

San-Dee said...

Dear APP...I'm glad you blogged those feelings so your blood pressure doesn't go up:)...my goodness, you have had a day!

random comments: The PO should be glad you came in at all since they are really advertising the print at home and they'll pick up stuff....and $70 isn't a little purchase!!

Sometimes the computer is just out to get you, and the geeks are the only thing standing between you and that malfunctioning thing. so, be gentle with them even if they are a pain. working by themselves doesn't give them time to develop people skills, and a lot of the time they sit in little cubes talking to you or themselves--I know this, I work with IT folks and I can hear them all the time--and sometimes it's scary.

Lastly, please don't believe everything you read, especially things like the National News or whatever name those newspaper magazines are going by. We have one that has a story about a man finding a mermaid in his tuna sandwich--complete with picture! I think we need to try and understand what the POTUS is trying to accomplish; he did enter office with a lot of stuff going wrong, and is trying to correct it. I did vote for him, but it doesn't mean I agree with all he's trying to do. I focus more on "my little corner of the world" and try to make things better here...

sorry, I guess I should give your soapbox back:)

Tulsi said...

I never sign my cards. On the back I write "check ID". If they are signed it would be easy for someone else to use them. I've been given some flack about not signing them but they are my cards and I'll do what I want. I show my driver's license and Military ID. One lady years ago said she couldn't even take it as debit if I didn't sign it. I asked the worker next to her and she said it only had to be signed for credit, but writing "see ID" was acceptable.

Jennifer said...

Twice, I've been made to sign the back of my cards. Here's my little trick. Sign the card right in front of them with a juicy (preferably) pen. Swipe it. IMMEDIATELY lick or spit on the back of the card and wipe it on your jeans. Your name is gone, they are pissed, and you are a little safer once again.

JudyCinNC said...

APP - Sounds like your day was a "total waste of make up and clean clothes". I sure know what you mean about the customer service that plain does not exist anymore. I am definitely not very tolerant of rude and/or disrepectful people and will usually request to speak with their supervisor. Tomorrow has to be better.