Monday, March 9, 2009

I joined in on a Siggy block swap :)


I finished both of my Siggy block swaps this weekend and I thought I would show everyone the finished product. It was a nice challenge for me. As I don't do much quilting yet. But as I have stated before I am going to start doing more of in the near future. So ladies I might be doing some block swaps on my blog along with my other swaps. Depends if I can run two swaps at a time without much trouble... So that means if you join in on swaps we have to all have our items out on time ;) As I know all of my girls are good at getting their aprons out on time... so I don't think I have anything to worry about if I hold two swaps at a time :)
These lovely blocks :) were 6 1/2 inch square blocks. The first swap had 60 blocks to exchange and the second round had 24. The 24 was because more asked to play after the closing date :) I had so much fun making the first set I joined in on the second set.
I have to tell you the second set went together so much faster and so much easier than the first set. I discovered if I put those no-stick clear pads on the bottom of the rulers they did not slip when I use the rotary cutter. When I made the first set the ruler would slip and then that wonky block was over the shoulder and I would have to start over. I had a lot of trash blocks, up until the last 10-12 blocks... stupid me for not thinking of that sooner. ;)
There were 5-6 of us that did both block swaps. So I should have plenty of different ones to make a wonderful fun quilt :) There are blocks coming from all over the world.
It was a lot of fun too!!!!


Now tell me ... should one use sashing strips and corner stones on blocks like this???? What would you suggest my little quilters!


Tulsi said...

I'm so far, as I have not had time to chicken out, taking a beginning quilting class next month. I have two finished quilt TOPS that my great grandma did and dresden plates that aren't finished. I'd love to pass them down to my three kids. I WANT TO QUILT SO BADLY!!! Good for you!!!

Val said...

I am just a beginner quilter and if you look at my blog you can see I have been very frustrated with a couple of blocks that I am working on right now. But I will keep working until I get them. I am wanting to take another quilting class also. Your siggys look great. I did the first swap. Mine are finished and just waiting on Connie with further instructions. It was so much fun though & I loved the experience. Thank you again for the award. I have posted it in my sidebar with a link to your blog.