Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Peanut Butter-Finger Mini Cheesecakes

1 Cup ground Vanilla Wafers
2 Tablespoons granulated sugar
2 Tablespoons butter
1/8 teaspoon salt
8 oz softened cream cheese
1/4 Cup creamy peanut butter
1 egg
2 Tablespoons heavy cream
1/8 teaspoon salt
4 Fun Size Butterfinger Candy Bars, crushed
1 Cup semi sweet chocolate chips
2-3 Tablespoons heavy cream
2 Fun Size Butterfinger, crushed
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Place cookie crumbs, sugar, butter and salt into a bowl; mix to combine. Spoon mixture into bottoms of mini cheese cake pan or mini cupcake pan and press. Bake for 10 minutes and remove from oven.
2. Reduce heat to 300 degrees F. In a stand or electric mixer, beat cream cheese and peanut butter until smooth. Beat in egg, cream and salt until well combined. Slowly stir in crushed peanut butter fingers. Evenly pour batter over baked crust. Bake for 20-22 minutes or until cheesecake is set. Let cool for 2 hours, then remove from pan.
3. Melt chocolate chips in microwave in 30 second intervals until smooth. Stir in cream until smooth and glossy. If needed, return back to microwave for 15 seconds or so until smooth. Spoon over tops of cakes then sprinkle crushed butterfinger over top.


Kathi's Kreations said...

Oh man, they look soooo good! Wish I had one right now.

shelia said...

oh my goodness....YUM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you need my mailing address? I'm sure these would travel to Utah with little or no problem.

Anonymous said...

P.S. I have made something similar but you just place the whole vanilla wafer in the bottom as the crust.

Julia said...

I think I have died and gone to heaven...chocolate-peanutbutter-cheesecake.... oh me oh my I want some of that!

Anonymous said...

These look soooooo yummy! Three of my favorite items...Butter Fingers, cheese cake and chocolate! How can you go wrong? I will need to give this a try...and soon. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs :)


CathyJean said...

Another great recipe to save for later:) LOL!!!Yummm...

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh My oh My I live far to far away from you and these lucious looking little morsels!!!

Paula #870 said...

oh, my goodness! I just have to make these! I can almost taste them now! They look so scrumptious!

Anonymous said...

These look delicious!!!

Janet, said...

these look so good! the only thing I don't like in the ingredients are the butterfinger bars. I'm trying to lose weight, tho, I think I'll carry a 10 ft pole when I come near them. Again, they look delicious!