Sunday, March 8, 2009

True Believer

As we all know.... our blogs go all over the world!! There are different countries and different nationalities and so forth that read our blogs. I know because I have lots of Uk, Australia, Canada, and other smaller countries that visit my blog. Not all of them post... but come they do. Which to me is very fantastic and exciting to make new friends all over the world. Yes I do say make friends because I chat with some through regular emails. :) One I will mention is my great friend Debi from Green Jelly who is from the UK... speaking of her if you love to knit or crochet toys. She has some new wonderful patterns in her Etsy shop she has recently created :) Run by her shop and check them out ;) Tell her I sent you!!!! You can get to her shop just click on my vender's button for her :)

Ok so where was I ... I love having visitors from all over the world visiting my blog... how fantastic is that!!! Well anyway..... I believe in God, and I try to live by his rules of life. Everyone has some sort of belief that they practice in their lives. I believe in God words, and know he has a plan for us..... and how he wants us to try and live our lives.... I try to be the best person that I can be. Sometimes you wonder "God what path are you taking me down???" I know my life of late has been the pits!!! But.... when I have stopped to think about what is happening in my life as a whole. I see the wonderful blessings that are happening in my life right along with the bad things. It's like the Garth Brooks song unanswered prayers. Now you are wondering what the heck I am really talking about. Well here it is... I have some legal things going on in my life, and a new job all because of my injury accident in June. I hate and I mean I hate that job!!! It's very busy, trying and stressful!! And the hardest part of all of this a huge pay cut.....but on the other hand the job has its good points. I am treated very good on my new shift, by my co-workers and supervisors. I have Sun-Tue off, I work days and I sleep nights in my bed. I have been a 3 shift worker for over 20 years. Which meant sleeping during the day. Its sort of strange to be living my life what most people would consider normal hours. I am almost sure that most of the problems with the new job are..... its new and I am still intimidated a bit by it. Having to learn everything that is involved in the position, new responsibilities and so forth. So as some know I have been very stressed and upset!!! But when you look at the whole scheme of things... I see what is going on and am in awe... again you say what does she mean.. well I see Gods love in this whole mess. Here are some examples of what I am talking about.... Since my accident I have gain some awesome blogging buddies!!! Because I can't do the things I use to do... I can't go work in my gardens, ride my horses, do honey do projects around the ranch... because of my medical restrictions and my limitations right now....but here is what is happening now in my life... I have won some exciting give-aways, spent a un-forget-able day with my dad, received an unexpected give-away in the mail, and have had some awesome swap partners, went on a wonderful holiday vacation to my families, got a wonderful deal on hay for my horses, and lastly I have seen birth. So my sweet friends he is in our lives all of the time we just have to be willing to open our eyes and our heart to see his loving work ;) Having been in this accident.. I feel that the lord is making me a better person each day!!! Thank you my sweet blogging friends for being a big part of my new exciting life!!!!
I am so honored that you visit my blog and feel like I am important enough to share your thoughts and ideas with me. Thank you all very very much for making my life so much fun!!!!!!!
You wonderful women Rock!!!!
THANK YOU.... blows a kiss to each of you!!!!


Sandi said...

I really enjoyed your post, but what's more I needed to read your post!! I have some things going on in my life and reading your post was inspiring. I think I will e-mail you privately and tell you why. Have a wonderful day! You made mine!! And yes, women Rock and I am blessed with some really rockin' women friends. Got that kiss! :-)

Paula said...

Got that kiss and blowin' one back! I, too, have had some terrible turmoil in my life since October...I will also email you about it...I am glad you posted what you did, too, M...also read Nana Grace's post...she is an overcomer if there ever was one! If we stick together, pray, and let God do what he needs to do in us, we will be all the better for it! I don't think God brings all this pain on us; we live in a fallen world and have the freedom to make wrong choices...He is walking through all the pain with us...He uses our circumstances to make us better and to teach us going through it...have a good day, friend...Paula
I love your music, especially Poke-Salad Annie....teehee

Carla said...

Throwing that kiss back at ya. Incredible and moving post.

Betty aka Fudgie said...

Dear Auntie...Well I have just "almost" gotten over this stinkin cough/flu garbage. I hope that kiss I just received doesn't have any germs! Cuz, if it does I am gonna have to smack you up the side of the head! Boy do you send wet kisses!

God loves you!

shelia said...

God is good all the time!
Thanks for sharing what you are going thru. You are SUCH an encouragement. I'm sure glad i stumbled across your blog...but then again..i know that, even that, is part of HIS plan.
Blessings shelia

princessmama said...

Thank you for sharing! :-) God is so good to us, we have to keep our eyes on that through the tough times. Thank you for the encouragement:)

Kieren said...

Lots of Love from sunny Cornwall England xx