Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Whoot Whoot!!!

I am pretty proud of myself so far!!! I worked on assigning partners last night and the night before.. I stayed up way past my Awe Baby time and got the emails done so I could send them out right away. I had 4 wonderful women sign up the last min. That would not have been so bad just pairing them together right??? Well....... LOL and I was confused. I got the same address for all of them :) I had to post and ask what in the world was going on. I have to tell you it threw me for a loop. I thought it was a prank from someone. It turns out they were all family and friends.. so I had to go and do some adjusting of my already assigned partners... so having said all of that I did make a few last min mistakes. I guess even checking them twice when your eyes are all wonky from no sleep .. the mistakes slip through. I want to thank everyone that has contacted me and that will contact me :) I will try to iron out the mistakes as soon as possible. I had several people sign up for both swaps which is fantastic!!! I can't wait to see the finished items :)

Here are the totals:

42 women for the Annie Swap = 21 sets
20 women for the up cycle apron swap = 10 sets

I have made 3 mistakes in my emails that I shipped out. That is so far to my knowledge.. pretty good if I say so myself.. not to say... knock on wood... there could be more Boo Boo emails later today :(

I want to send everyone a huge thank you for joining in on the fun of these two swaps.. I never dreamed the Annie Swap would get so much attention and interest. I just might have to offer this as another swap again down the road :) I knew my Up-cycle apron swap would get several takers. Yeah for going green!!!

So ladies having all of this in mind please please get your aprons and Annie's out on time, because there is a lot for me to keep track of :)

On my final note... It appears that Annie is going to be a bit of a challenge for a lot of you... I had only a smattering of Angels sign for this swap.. so it is very important that we all complete our obligation on this swap. As I don't know if I am up to the challenge of making several Annie's .. if swappers don't follow through. Having said all of that... thank you for letting me remind all of you to get your items done and mailed out on time.. and happy stitching and no ripping ....

Final note.... be very careful of the seams on muslin..they rip out very easily if you stuff too hard.. also I have found a long pair of tweezers or forceps work wonderful for stuffing... lastly if you don't have those.. a shisk ca bob (sp) stick works good too :)


Anonymous said...

. . . "family and fiends." Love it.

You really have a big group on this swap. I can't wait to see their completed projects.

Lindi said...

This will be the first doll I've ever made and I am so looking forward to getting started. Ideas are already buzzing. If I get time, I'll have to make 2!

Any hints and tips will be greatly appreciated.

NadineC said...

Uh....hope this doesn't post twice - didn't appear to "take" the first go-around....

I was SOOOO relieved when I saw we had latitude on the hair, clothes, colors, etc. I am the most law-abiding citizen ever, BUT I get downright CRANKY when I have to follow "crafty" rules, LOL! I had already bought some skeins of magenta, lavendar, purple in various types of yarn and pearl cotton - I wuz gonna make my own "red" for the hair....and I will make the one dress from the pattern, but I'm thinking my Annie will have an additional Wardrobe of Weirdness to go along with it...a girl can't have too many clothes, can she? :-)

Kim Mailliard of Prim's by Kim said...

I think this swap is going to be a hit!! I have already finished my dollie =D Gettin ready to ship her out!! If anyone needs help, let me know **Wink** I am here if ya need me


Paula said...

How did you get my picture in this blog post...with my bunny slippers, no less...teehee