Monday, March 2, 2009

Towel Turned Apron

Apron Tutorial from Crafty Daisy's

Convert a kitchen towel into a full apron. This is a quick 30 minute project and who can resist with such cute prints out there!

First, Run a needle and thread in and out evenly very close to the trim and draw it to the tightness of gathering you like. I loved this towel because it had the rust colored trim on the top and bottom already.

Then pin your ribbons (20") in place and sew over the gathering, making sure it IS wrinkled under the needle and that the fabric doesn't flatten out. I also burn the edges of the ribbon with a lighter so that is does not unravel, very lightly so you don't change the color of the ribbon.
Lastly, measure 2 ribbons 28" long and measure where you want to tie your apron. (at your waist line) Burn the ends of the ribbon and pin them into place. Pin along the underside on right and left edges of the towel. Then sew just over the ribbon, along the original towel seam. Voila!!!
I don't know about you girls but I think a person would have to be very thin to be able to have a tea towel cover them up!!!!!


princessmama said...

I always thought that about tea towel aprons! That's for an adult??? ;-)

Yarni Gras! said...

how cute it that! I always envision turning my tea towels into aprons but I love them as tea now you can add this rule to your list 'o' rules on fabric. When buying a tea towel, always buy another to turn into an apron :-)

Janet, said...

Well it sounds like my kind of project... easy. I guess you could make one for a little girl or maybe use a regular towel to make one.