Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whoot Whoot ... tootin my own horn :)

I am so thrilled ... I received these two awards for Caroline's Crafts, isn't that fantastic??? If you haven't been by Caroline's blog.. Let me tell you ... you are missing out on a real treat. This is a fantastic doll artisan. So run over there and visit her... tell her I sent you :)
Now what I have to do for this award... is to list five of my addictions and then pass the awards on to five more bloggers. So my sweet blogging friends .. I think I will chose 5 people that I follow that I have never awarded before :) So my loyal followers if you want to play along feel free to snag the buttons and awards :) I would love to see your blog wearing new clothes :)
5 Addictions: Pepsi, Chocolate, Sewing, Swaps, Blog Buddies

5 Bloggers: If you haven't visited these bloggers ... please run by and say Hi :)


Julia said...

Congratulations !!! :)

Apryl said...

wow thank you very much... I will try and blog the award soon, my blog is sooo behind its been a hectic time recently but this has cheered me up. so thank you very much.

CathyJean said...

YAY!! Good for you! I agree, your blog is Fabulous:)