Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Surprise lunch :)

Today I was getting around so I could go to the post office when my phone rang. It was the Daddy-O and he wanted to go to lunch. So he told me to grab the Pitty, my mail and what ever else I needed to do as he wanted to spend some of the day with me. Aweeeeeeee wasn't that nice of him. So we went to the German Restaurant called the Bread Basket and had huge bowls of Soup and home made bread for lunch. As we sat and ate lunch dad told me about the latest project he was working on. He said he is going to make a Grandmothers Clock. He says they are smaller than a Grandfather Clock. He was telling me he want to make it out of Walnut as its grain is beautiful. He told me all about the Chimes that he has purchased for it. I asked him how long it would take to make this clock he said about a year. With all of the hand finishing work on it. I am excited to see it but I will just have to cool my Jets... Speaking of jets.... we went by the park to dropped off my latest toy for the society. My dad thought that was a lot of fun dropping off my little toy. He said it was very thoughtful of me to make the toys for the children. I have to admit I am really getting a kick out of making them and dropping them. :) I try to make two a month.. so later today .. I will make my second one. Now that I am caught up on all of my swaps!!! :) Yeah for me :)

Here is my little Rocket... I think it turned out sort of cute since it was a make it up as you go sort of toy :) I put streamers on it to make it look like flames ... like when the real rockets take off :)

I dropped it in Newton, Kansas a small town North of me where my brother lives... lets hope the City Police don't blow it up thinking its a bomb!!!! It was left at the Oker Berg Park.

Wow it looks like the Pitty needs to get out her paint brush for the deck this year. It seems like she has to help momma paint the surface every year out here in the country. It does get a lot of wind and rain and other stuff on it. More so than in the city at least that is what I think. No houses to help block some of the wind. The winds are never blocked out here :) So taking care of the deck is a never ending job here :)

But I do love my deck... as some of you have seen photos of it in prior posts :)


Anonymous said...

How cute. Some little man (or woman) is going to love that toy. Very fun looking. I love the ribbons.

i cant sew said...

told you you had a heart of gold!

CathyJean said...

That is the cutest toy rocket!! Some little friend will cherish it, I'm sure. That is so sweet of you to be doing that:)