Sunday, March 8, 2009

Some eye candy for you :)

I joined in on Booming Aprons Feb apron swap. We were to make a St Paddie's day apron. I had a lot of fun with this swap... I just could not figure out what to make for my partner.. but with time I did figure out what I wanted to make. If your interested in fun apron swaps... run over to Booming Aprons and check out all the fun and up coming apron swaps on her blog :)
I saw this photo and went what the Heck???? Who's Hairy legs are those!!!
I just love it when you gals can get your men to model aprons for you!!!!
Doesn't he look cute in it too!!!! Hairy legs and all :)
My partner says she is not so good at sewing or photos..but I say she is doing alright!!! :)

This was my apron ^ to my partner :)

I think the best part of this apron was the cute little home-made shamrocks on the pocket :)

Now this lovely little jewel is from my partner. I love it. It is sew darn cute!!! My partner says she has just started sewing and was fearful she would not make a good apron. Well let me tell you ladies this is a fantastic apron and put together very well!!! I love the little shamrocks... they rock.. Thank you for this fabulous apron!!!!


lani said...

Really cute aprons......thanks

i cant sew said...

thank you for the award i will get around to doing something about it as soon as i can and read the rest of your posts.
%^_^% rosey

I Believe In Fairytales said...

I have nominated you for Kreativ blog award…please visit my blog for details and copy the image.

Julia said...

Both are really cute! I would definitely wear either one! How do I convince ladies to show their aprons off now? Everybody camera shy? And with extra drawing I can see that does not help in the giveaways. All you sewing ladies have plenty of aprons!!!! :)

Yarni Gras! said...

cute aprons! I love the hairy legs!!! HA