Friday, April 3, 2009

Reusable Sandwich wraps

I found this awesome tutorial on the net for re-usable sandwich wraps. I thought they look fun and easy to make. I will not put the tutorial here on my blog but I will link the photo so you can go check it out if you are so inclined ;) I think this would be an awesome extra for one of your apron swaps :) Just whip up a couple of those babies and your set!!! Great gift idea!!! I just might have to make some for my Christmas Gifts. Yep thats a plan :)


Paula said...

love this! I take a sandwich a lot to work...i could stop using ziplocs and save the earth!

Ooty said...

I think it is about the time i will learn to use my machine and this one looks like a nice one to start with =0) ( i knew your blog will lead me through this lol)
=D have a great weekend

Jennifer said...

I have to try this! These could make fun Christmas gifts when added to a group of other handmade items.

Janet, said...

Those look really neat. I might give them a try. Thanks.