Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wonderful Question about quilt blocks ;)

Swappers question: I have one question. . . .are we to stay away from any fabrics (like conversationals, obvious kid's prints, holiday prints, etc.?
That is a great question that I should answer.... here on the blog... I want this to be a scrappy type quilt... use up those little pieces.. don't waste a thing!!! I am all for using up and re-purposing things... :) If you have a nice cotton that is an up-cycled item use it :) But please use cotton. My swaps are all about using what you have ... but please ....please make it pleasing to the eye too :) It would be so sad to have put all that time into your blocks and not being able to use them in a quilt :)
The sky is the limit ;) Novelty, flowers, prints, holiday prints anything as long as its not shocking.. remember we are all going to try and make a quilt from these blocks :) I know sometimes a Holiday fabric works perfect in a quilt... so with a good eye create create create!!!


Betty aka Fudgie said...

wazsup...with the quilt thing? Are you in a quilt block swap?