Monday, April 27, 2009

It's all about the eye Candy :0)

This is my partner's photo.. much better than mine ;)
Isn't that little pillow the sweetest thing you have every seen.. an awesome memory ;0) wonderful keep sake :O)
Here are my Annie's from my Partner Brenda... aren't they cute as can be!! Of Course its cloudy and raining here today. So pardon the photos!!These little Annie's are amazing ;) I tell you I think there is a gift to putting the faces on Annie's. These sweet little girls have hand stitched faces. They are so wonderful.. I wish my Annies would turn out half as good as these wonderful Annie's. Thank you partner :)

I would also like to thank the designer for the pattern for this fun wonderful Annie:

Spring apron swap off of Swap- Bot..

Another apron from Swap-bot :)

Spring apron from Booming Aprons swap :0)
I got this apron so long ago .. I am so sorry I have forgotten what the extras were!!! Bad APP!!! I do want to point out the wonderful pockets on this apron. The pockets are accented with wonderful yoyo's and buttons. You can not see the amazing hand stitching on this delightful apron. I have to tell you its fabulous!!! I just love the awesome wavy hem on this apron :)

My Fiesta Momma apron from Yarni-gras :) I have to tell you I got some wonderful extras with this apron .. I received two huge avocados there were as big as your fist and some yummy seasons to make guacamole :) There was also fun paper products too :)
Thank you ladies for all of these amazing and wonderful aprons :)


Carla said...

Oh those dolls! Cute, cute, cute! The aprons are pretty too!

Nanna Grace said...

You are a verry lucky woman!! 6 times over.. and i agree those faces of the dolls are sooooo cute! the aprons are Wow,Wow, wowzzer !

CathyJean said...

You got some really cute aprons there!!! Of course I LOVE the one with the cherries and RED ric rac :)
Your Annies are super cute - makes me smile just to see them :)

lyn said...

Well, I like the fiesta mama apron. I have always balked at wearing aprons, feminist that I am, but this one? Well, I DON'T balk at being a hoochie mama.

Yarni Gras! said...

dolls and aprons! yum! I love ALL the do you CHOOSE!

Julia said...

The cherries are to die for! You lucky woman you...

Anonymous said...

lovely blog, i am taking your link to my blog, we share he love for rag dolls, please check mine when you have a chance " muñecas de varano' some of my post are in english, sorry not all of them..

can i still join the dool swap?

Mr Lee said...

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Hope your all doing well.Look forward to further communicating with you.
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