Thursday, April 23, 2009

May Swaps.. You can sign up for them now :)

Hello fun and Sweet Bloggers
I have decided what our May Swaps will be....

The Annie #2 Swap of Course Sign ups end on April 30th .. I am already taking sign ups for her...which is to be completed by May 30th :)and I also promised I would do a Quilt block swap.
We are going to be making a Disappearing 9 Patch Block Pattern. They are very simple and it will be a lot of fun to do. Here is the the link to the tutorial that we will use.
We will follow the instructions on the tutorial for our blocks.

You don't have to have charm packs.. you can use regular fabrics cut into 5" squares to use for this block swap.

Here are the rules for Block swap....

You will make 40 blocks.. they will be approx 7" squares when cut and finished. This will be enough to make a Lap Quilt :)
You can use new scraps.. or new/like new fabrics strips or new charm packs.

Sign ups start now....
This block swap needs to be completed by July 30th :0)
Send info via email to
With the following info:
Phone Number (not optional)
All info confidential... except blog and email if partner requests it :)

You will ship your blocks to me. I will mix them up and ship them back out to everyone. After the July 30th date :) Each person will get 40 blocks back. (Hopefully 40 different ones... if enough participants sign up for this swap) when you mail out your blocks you are to enclose a large self-addressed envelope with the postage included on it. After I receive the blocks and divide them up, I will post your new blocks back to you in your self-addressed and stamped envelopes:)
This means you will be paying for your return shipping :)
It would be sweet to send the swap mommie a small thank you like a fat quarter or a sewing notion for her trouble. :)
I hope I get lots of takers on this swap... this is another challenge for many of us... I will close the sign ups June 30th... or at 40 participants :) Which ever comes first :)

Here is an excerpt of the tutorial we will be using.. most of you can understand and will be able to make the blocks with just this amount of information.. if you need more.. click on the link for additional help :)

Here's a little trick using charm squares. Some of you might have seen this before. We all need a refresher now and again...right...LOL.

Take 9 charms squares (5") and layout same way you would for a 9-patch.

The 9-patch blocks is all sewn.
Easy so far

Cut the 9-patch block right down the center in both directions.

See the new blocks emerging?

I think the new blocks are 7". I made a total of 5 9-patches using one charm pack of 45 squares. This gave me 20 of the 7" blocks. Two packages of charms squares made 40 blocks for a lap quilt. It was so fast and easy to make 10 9-patches and then I was ready to cut my blocks.

Option 1: This random layout of twisting and turning the blocks uses 36 of my blocks, makes a square quilt. Lay the blocks in any pleasing order with 6 rows across and 6 rows down.

Don't forget all my swap rules are still the same.. if you need a refresher they are posted here on my blog just click on the button on my side bar ;)


Tulsi said...

I am so new to quilting. I'm taking my first class right now. So do the 9 original blocks make 4 squares?

Tulsi said...

I reread a couple of times and answered my own question - with your information.

CathyJean said...

Great tut - going to save this one, thanks!! :)

Anonymous said...

wonderful! I'm keeping this one in mind when I make my next quilt
:) Missy

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Signing up. Will send my info via e-mail. Sounds like so much fun.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Got all my blocks made, but I'll hold on to them until closer to deadline.

Rebecca P said...

Hi, I would love to join your swap.
I will send you me info.
Quick question, do all the blks need to be the same fabrics, or can we mix them up?
Thank you,
Rebecca P

Rebecca P said...

I couldn't find the help button so thought I would ask here.
I did a practice block today using 5in. sqs. sewed them together then cut the down the middlez & then sewed them back together like the instructions, the new block come out 12 inches. Do I take this new 12 inch block & cut it to 7inches? Is that how it should be done?
Rebecca p

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Hi, Are we allowed to join twice? I would use differnt fabrics for the blocks. Also can we use white?Thanks