Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Awesome Fun

I sent everyone out an e-mail today as a friendly reminder about our Annies due date and to see how my swappers were coming along :) Me... I finally got my Annie finished today. I love how she turned out. I hope my Partner loves her ;) I will snail mail her later on in the week or on Sat. Depends on how fast I can get my extras together ;)

I have gotten several emails and photos of completed Annies.. and I have to tell you all of them are amazing. They are so fun and full of whimsy. I know everyone will love their doll when she arrives. I know from the samplings of Annies that I have seen.. they are all going to be wonderful :) No matter the sewing skill level.. some of my Annie swappers have never sewn a doll before and I have seen a couple of completed Annies that they made and I was blown away... they were fantastic!!!!

In fact I have had several of you tell me how easy she was and how you have already made 3 or 4 more of them for various reasons.

Me.... I am making one for my Dad..... he saw my completed one and he loved her and asked if I could make one for a friends daughter. I said sure.. so that will be my Toy Society doll for this month. As my dads friends family is going through some hard times right now.. and he thought it would be nice to show him there are nice people out there :) Which I agree 100% :) I know we are suppose to drop the toy.. but this man doesn't know me and I thought it would be a sweet thing for his daughter to get a surprise in the mail. :) That is what the Toy Society is about .. giving a toy to a stranger ;)

Moving on ... I don't want to leave out my Apron Swappers... I haven't seen or heard anything from you ladies.. is your aprons going ok???? You have me worried... I usually hear something from my apron swappers. I hope you all are having fun creating aprons from bits of wonderful stuff :)


Val said...

She is so cute. I love her. One day I am going to join one of your swaps.

Ooty said...

She is very sweet and cute looking =0).
I am so glad to hear that you are making one to give away - no wonder i got addicted to you and your blog you are king and good people and through some hard time it helps a lot to know they among the bed ones some good is also around!!!
Keep on!
have a great day!!
x Ooty

Paula #870 said...

I am very busy working away on my partner's extras! I will get the package mailed later this week! This was my favorite apron swap, as I love using up, making do, and re-purposing stuff!

Beansieleigh said...

Oh.. I LOVE the little blonde braids on this sweet little dolly!!

Nanna Grace said...

Hello! i have photoed and then loveingly chopped up my re-purposed clothing to my basic apron shapes... Do you want photos as we go? or photos when we are done??? just thought i would ask.

Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh I just love her! I am working on my Annie right now.

Just wanted you to know that I am closing my blog, but I'm still making my Annie for my swap pal so not to worry. I'll send you a photo as soon as she is completed.

Will you be posting photos of the other dolls as well?


iappearjiggy said...

Thanks for posting this blog, I surely did have fun visiting it! You have inspired me to make a difference where I work. I love the idea of passing on a toy and I have opportunities daily to do it. Sad to see that I missed the annie swap, as I have been an avid dollmaker for years and love getting as much giving! Glad that I jumped on board the siggy swap 2 over on CootieBug2, and can't wait to get my blocks! Ellise P.

Indigo Blue said...

These look lovely. Sorry I missed this swap. I have not made a dool for years.