Friday, April 17, 2009

***** Aunt Pitty Pat wants to know!! *****

I have received numerous emails and posts from other doll artisans, seamstresses and crafters that have expressed their sadness they missed the dead line to join the Annie Swap. Several of you have said they would have loved to join.. I decided to post here to see how much interest there would be to do a second down and dirty fast Annie swap!! We will be using the same Annie Pattern :) I will only require the Annie Doll in this swap.. but if you want to send extras that's OK too, but not required. Post here and let me know what you think. If I do this swap I will post the names if there are enough that want to play the first week of May. I am also going to hold a quilt block swap in May also details on this swap in a couple of weeks ;) In June.... I want to do my Christmas in July Ornament swap :) Details on that swap to come the first of June ;) So post here and let me know if your interested in another Annie Swap ;) There is going to be a lot going on in the next few months. The blog will be very busy. So please keep and eye out for the fun up coming events :)
I want to have at least 10 swappers :)
If you want to go a head and send your info ... send the following:
email address
International partner
Send to
Please indicate this is Swap #2 Thank you that will help me keep the Swaps straight :)
Sign ups will end April 30Th

I would also like to thank the designer for the pattern for this fun wonderful Annie:

I will send out the Annie Pattern when I assign partners.. we will be using the same pattern and the rules will be the same as the first Annie Swap as far as making your dolls :) Bodies are to be the same.. but the adornments maybe different.. hair color, dress, embellishments to your taste :)


Beansieleigh said...

A second Annie Swap? Count me in!
I'd love to play dollies again!

Just for you . . . said...

I'm one of the ones who missed the 'boat' on the last Annie swap so would be definately interested in taking part!


Valerie said...

I sent you my information already. I am very excited to participate. Thanks for offering.

Carla said...

Sign me up. Let me know where the pattern is so I can get started. I also need to know the designer to give credit on the card.

AwtemNymf said...

I'm game for another Annie :O)


vivian said...

yes!! please count me in! love annies!

Carlotta said...

I missed the last annie swap so I would love to be a part of this one.
Tootles for now!

Mistea said...

I just sent an email. This could be a lot of fun. I have enjoyed seeing your last lot of swappers dolls around cyberspace. Thanks for organising.

Look in the Nook said...

I miss the last one.Count me in.
Email is on it's way.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to play in your Annie swap. Please count me in. I've sent an email. Annette

wonderwoman said...

would love to do the annie swap - only ever made i doll before so should be great fun!
will email you.


Christina Lowry said...

I would be interested in being in an Annie swap! :)

Mama from said...

I send you a kiss from France :o)
If you want to swap with me you can see my profil and pictures on
Have a nice day!!
Mama From Sirpriz