Sunday, April 5, 2009

Oh The uglie-ness of it all!!!

Oh No Mr Bill.. Happy Easter :)

This was me this week when I was sick..
I just wanted to curl up and die!!!

Ugh...... have a nice breakfast.. knowing your eating these sweet little faces ;)

This is my what my POOR little POOCHIE is thinking... he escaped from the yard and is now at the Doggie Jail. ( My sweet neighbor always turns Tatanka out to go to the barn with him. Well .... he forgot about him and left him out. I am not mad at the neighbor.. it is so sweet that the two of them go to the barn together... but this time the elderly neighbor forgot!!! Heck I have forgotten to latch the gate and the horses have escaped. So it does happen once in a while.)
When I went to the shelter and found him I asked how much it would cost to bail him out. Well the guy told me that Tonk Tonk Ba Donka Donka had been a bad boy and had bitten someone and he has to remain at the shelter for 10 days!!! (So you have 10 days of board fees)That unk someone that got bitten didn't known about border collies. The guy was playing ball with him..(that was the unk's first mistake!!! hee hee hee) I am sure the guy held the ball to long and TT wanted it so he nipped him to get the guy to give it up. That is what border collies do they nip or bite when they want an animal to move. He has nipped me that way when we are playing in the yard too :) So I guess the guy now knows you have to be careful when playing with border collies!!! I am glad the unk was not hurt badly!!!
So... I said... I understood the boarding fees .. then I asked how much else it would cost to get him out... Now..... I tell you I am still sort of laughing about this ;) I don't live in the city and they are going to charge me a City license fee. The guy says to me are you going to neuter your dog??? I said what in the world for??? He is a registered show dog!!! Why would I do such a thing when he cost me so much money???
Well.... lady that will be $40.00 also because your not neutering him!!! and then the fine for letting him run a large in our city. At least my dog is in a kennel that would have been another $40.00 bucks added on to that!!!
I am all for spaying and neutering if you don't plan to breed your creature. But not all animals need to be spayed or Neutered. My Sweet Pitty is Spayed along with all most all the other creatures on the ranch. If I didn't plan on breeding them, I get them fixed. Sure I loose some of them for various reasons after the spaying and neutering.. but spaying and neutering is what you have to do to keep from having unwanted animals. We as pet owners must be responsible for our animals and their welfare. I keep TT in a kennel at all times unless someone is out in the yard with him. So he is not allowed to run a muck and reek havoc in the neighborhood. Because I know he will be a tornado when he goes down the road ;)
Now the neighbor can no longer turn TT out with him when he goes to the barn. I have to keep an eye on the both of them now!! I don't want Tonk Tonk Ba Donka Donka having to stay in the doggie jail again. It has really upset the two of us.. having him arrested!!!!


moBri said...

Poor, poor doggie! Arrested! OMG
I'm not sure what would happen to a doggie here in Europe in a similar situation, not sure if we have doggie jails, at least I never heard of one. Reading this I am really glad we live in the middle of nowhere, only one more dog in the neighbourhood, and they both can go strolling without someone feeling harrassed.

Greets Brigitta
p.s. bring him a cake with a small saw and file inside *gg*

NadineC said...

Oh, I like Brigitta's idea about the cake and a file (or maybe a doggie biscuit with a file). So sorry he's in the hoosegow. I'm sure he's wondering WTF is going on! He'll be glad to get home! That poor little doggie in the picture is going to make me sad all day :-(

CathyJean said...

Oh, poor doggie and poor Auntie!!! :( Sorry you are having such a bad time! Hope this week goes better for you! :)

Tulsi said...

We have a Border Collie and Rylee is the SWEETEST dog. From childhood to now, she is the sweetest dog I've ever known. And she doesn't bark. Well, with the exception of fire works. I told the kids if they found a dog that wasn't a puppy and didn't bark they could have a dog. I never dreamed they would find one. Both kids really wanted a B.C., too. Hope your dog endures jail well.

Paula said...

Is there a dog smarter than a BC? I just love them...hope he is seen today, Monday...let us know.

Yarni Gras! said...

poor guy, I can see him now, running his little doggie tin cup along the little doggie jail cell bars.......ugh.