Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swap Mommie is behind!!!

I am so far behind this week its not funny. I had so much going on ... I was only able to sew one day this week. I am very happy to say I got my Awesome... I might say Fantastic fun Up-cycled aprons done though!!!!.. now I am getting the extras together. I will get both my aprons shipped out on Monday. If your in the first Annie Swap and the Apron swap you only have 4 days to finish up on your projects before they are due to be mailed... so APP is cracking the whip. I still have a lot of items not accounted for :( If you have sent your item or received your item and its not marked on the list.. please re-contact me so I can get you marked off the list. So the Mommie is not freaked out when the due date is here!!!! Thank you everyone in this matter!!!!
Now that the house keeping matters are done.. more fun to share : I have to tell you EVERYONE I am so blown away at all these amazing projects that you have made for your swap partners!!! The Aprons are Fantastic, the Annie's are so darn Cute!!! I am so happy all of you joined in on the fun. I have to laugh....because everyone of the aprons and everyone of the Annie's I have seen I have wanted to keep for myself. Yes this could be a very selfish swap mommie indeed!!! I have loved each and every one of your projects. From the beginner doll marker to the experienced Apron maker.. the projects have been beyond words... AWESOME, FANTASTIC, DELIGHTFUL, AMAZING, EXQUISITE, EXCITING, CREATIVE, GORGEOUS, and just plain PRETTY!!!! I have had a lot of fun making new friends on these two swaps.. I have been having loads of fun chatting and visiting with you regarding these fun swaps. Not to mention the fantastic photos you have shared with me on your projects!!!! I have really gotten to know some of you during this swap and I have loved every email and every chat..... Thank you ;) Thank you :) Thank you :)
Well ladies.....It looks like the Annie #2 swap is getting a lot of attention too.. if you joined in on the first one and would like to play in the Second one just give me a post to sign up... as most of you know my swaps are open to everyone in every country :) That is why I ask if you will ship international :)
OK was going to be a short post... but for some reason it is getting very long winded!!! I need to sew and get my extras done.. So wish me happy stitching and no ripping ;)
Happy Sewing...
Your Grumpy Swap Mommie :)


Paula said...

I got home from work today...I'm sick as a dog...bad cold, no less, and what do you think I got in the mailbox? Did you guess an up-cycled apron from Aunt Pitty-Pat? Well you should have, 'cause I did! I am blown away by the beautiful apron and that's not all...check my blog for the pix, later!!!