Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am a Happy Camper ;)

I know your all going what in the world Santa???

Well I am quite pleased with myself. I went to bed last night thinking .... When you wake up tomorrow you have to start on your Christmas Gifts.... I decided before I went to sleep .. what I was going to sew today... I was able to get three of several Christmas Presents made!!! Yeah!!! That's a start ... on the things I want to take with me to CA when I go. You ask what did you make??? Well I sewed three lovely aprons... I can't show them too you... sorry my family sometimes visit my blog.. I would hate for them to see them. Your thinking to yourself .. silly girl .. they know what they are getting!!! I know I know...if they read this post they will know what they are getting from me. I say that's ok they won't know what they look like ;) I was also thinking about making wonky potholders to match.. maybe a baked potato bad too :)
Then I have to figure out what to make my Niece.. she is such a sweet girl.. she is in those horrible teen years. I am sort of stumped on what to make her.. I thought about making her a groovy purse.. but I gave her a handcrafted purse last year for Christmas. I was thinking of making her an awesome book cover.. one the size that will fit those Mead Composition notebooks. Or maybe I could find a sketch pad that would be a handy size for her. She likes to doodle ;)Then I just might throw in a fun back pack :) I know what I am going to sew for my Nephew.. he is the Artist.. I am going to make him a Portfolio bag... with a pencil case on the outside. :) He will love that. I am going to make a couple of other things for my mom.. but I can't tell here.. I know she will be peeking at the blog now and then.. I really don't want to spoil that special surprise for her ;) I am really at a loss as to what to make my granny that is in the care home.. I know she would like anything that I make her. I will also if time allows make matching tea/drink wallets and zipper pouches for them. I always like to throw in the smaller fun stuff :) I might even make an owl or two:) I have several more to sew for.. if you have any suggestions.. I would love them.. I have the following people to sew for:
Brother in law
Nephew in law
So if anyone has some amazing ideas send them my way.. I would so much appreciate it ;)


Jennifer said...

I have a Niece gift thought for you... You Can Make This posted ideas for teenage girls on their blog last Christmas. You should pop on over there and see if you like any of their ideas.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

How about a quillow for your neice?

Anonymous said...

Hey, there must be a problem with your blog because I am SURE my name is on the list of people you are making presents for, but it must of got squeezed off! R

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

LOL Ronda.. you slay me.. your right I do need to make an apron for me. It will match the one that I gifted to Nadine. We are going to wear them while we are out and about in San Francisco :) That will be so much fun :)

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Jane I would love to make her a quillow but her mother is making her a T-shirt Quilt for Christmas.. Mom says sister is there almost everyday using the sewing machine.. she wants to get it done before she goes back to work as a school teacher.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

If I only had your talents! How about a journal for the teenager?

San-Dee said...

why not an apron for your niece too? Michele at busybee designs has a darling pattern called Lily-it's so cute for young women because it looks so much like the babydoll tops out now-you can even seam up the back and make it a top.

for granny I would make a a lap quilt or a nice shoulder shrug to keep off the chills.

I'm so jealous you've started your holiday sewing, I keep looking at my stash knowing I should start...

vivian said...

I've started giving christmas a lot of thought already! I think I only have like 11 paychecks til then!

AwtemNymf said...

you can never go wrong with aprons! :O) How about cookie mix in a jar! Everyone loves those!
If they're coffee drinkers- how about a coffee cozy- I have a link to a pattern- holler if you want it! Or for woman- a penny pocket- you can fill it with little trinkets or sample size stuff!