Monday, July 20, 2009

Sewing a lot today in Ta Town

Hello ladies .. APP has been sewing up a storm.. really its storming out right now. We are under a tornado warning until 2 am. Lots of thunder, lightning, wind and huge rain drops are falling. I am so happy I got three of my swaps done today. A Pvt Annie swap is completed and it is going to be on its way to Australia tomorrow. My little Nekid Doll done and wrapped to ship out tomorrow too. Lastly I have wrapped up my book for a PVT book swap that I joined in :) I have been working on my final set of disappearing 9 patch blocks. I have sad news to report we are getting a few of our swappers dropping out. Having said that we might not get 40 total blocks :( I will divide the ones that we do get with all the participants. Life is always changing... our intentions are good.. but life throws that old curve ball when we least expect it..... then we have to bunt. So ladies please don't be upset if you don't get 40 different blocks. I know the ones that you are going to get are amazing :) I love each and everyone of them. Speaking of blocks.. I really do need to get with it on the remaining Spooktacular Halloween blocks. I just need to do the 9 patch blocks and I will be done with that swap too :) Yeah!!! I have been having lots of fun sewing these quilt blocks... now I wonder how long it will take me to quilt them??? Things that make you go HUMMMMMMMMMM :) ~~~~~ One final word.. I have to tell you about my dear friend Ronda.. she has really done a wonderful job of making little blankets for Craft Hope. She and some other wonderful women made 42 baby blankets.. that is amazing. THANK YOU RONDA... for your wonderful acts of kindness :) I have to bow my head in shame.. I didn't even get one made.... I really wasn't up to a lot this month. Mostly I have been lazy. I haven't been my usual self.. when its stormy out.. my ole Arthur really gives me fits then add on the pain from the Accident and I am a mess. So I feel bad about not participating since I encouraged you to help. Maybe next time. I seems like there isn't much turn around time to make things unless that's all you do. I wish it was a work at your own pace sort of thing. I wonder if they would just take regular donations that are made from the heart??? I would be interested to know if you were able to help ;) Please let us know.. Thanks to everyone that helped out. ~~~~~


Jennifer said...

I'm sending in booties to Craft Hope and I roped my MIL into sending some knit caps her mother had made.

Anonymous said...

I didn't even see the nakkid doll swap until yesterday! :-( I absolutely LOVE the photo of the doll you have posted for the swap. Is there a pattern available for it?

Yeah to Jennifer and her MIL for their stuff to Craft Hope!! R