Thursday, July 9, 2009

Now you can make your own Fabric Bowl ;)

I had several people say they loved my little bowl that I received. They also asked if there was going to be a tutorial soon. So I took a trip around the Internet and came up with a tutorial on how to make them. Just click on the photo it will take you right to the tutorial. I also provided a video that might help you in making these sweet little bowls ;)
I tried and tried to up load the following video last nite and today. But for some reason I kept getting an error.. Alas I was unable to put it on the blog.. you can go to it by this link :)
It's a video on how to get you started making these fun and wonderful fabric bowls..
Did you know there is a book out on how to make them. It will mention the book in the video :) Have fun creating ;)

Moda Bake Shop has a stunning example of how to put your disappearing 9 patch blocks together... just follow the provided link to see ;) I think their example is awesome.. I can't wait to see how we put ours together ;) I know I am going to try and set my blocks like they have ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey Marcel - thanks for posting the link on how to make the bowls. It actually LOOKS really easy. If the base were made oval instead of circular, you could make a basked bed for a doll (I have a 6 year old niece, I have to think like this!) have a blessed day! Ronda