Friday, July 10, 2009


I was just shopping for a fun Annie Pattern when I came across Homespun From The Heart . Cindy offers primitive rag dolls, seasonal primitives, patterns, e-patterns, doll hair, doll making supplies, fabric and vintage wares. If you can't sew and are interested in one of her dolls she even has completed sweet Annies for sale. I just love the new design Cindy calls CupCake Dolls...Cindy is having a very nice sale on her E-patterns. She is offering them for $4.00 each if you purchase via E-patterns. There is no limit to the number you can purchase :) If you like sewing Annie Dolls run over there and see what she is cooking up with her sale ;) I know I was happy that I popped by ;)
Is anyone else having trouble with blogger today.. I can't even load up a simple photo!!!!!


AwtemNymf said...

Hi Sweetie- I haven't been anywhere near Blogger today so I couldn't tell ya?!
I love Cindy's patterns. And they're 4 bucks. I'm flying over there!
Thanks for the heads up!