Friday, July 23, 2010

Creative Recycling of old clothing items

Most of you know I am always talking about re-cycling items... I have held swaps here on the blog to challenge you and your creativity in making aprons from up-cycled items. The aprons that I saw were amazing.. My apron for Maria from Canada was incredible. She did such a wonderful job of making it.. I know I try to use old clothing items where ever I can. I use old items to make things for sale in my Etsy shop.. mostly those items are pet apparel.. I have made a few other items that have been re-purposed.
I still believe saving Mother Earth one button and fabric at a time :)
Besides you can find some different, cute, and inexpensive clothing items to turn in to something wonderful. Plan a trip to your local recycle center to do some shopping for those 100% cotton fabric items...
Take those old items from a blah to an eye popping wow!!!

I have found some wonderful fun things on the net... I wanted to share with you that have been reconstructed, deconstructed, recycled, up-cycled.. or how every you want to call refashioning an old item into something new.

What was this old man's dress shirt made into??

An awesome Dress... This item was found on Adventures in Dress Making. She has lots of awesome tips and tutorials.. She has this little box waistband skirt... if I was a little skinny Minnie I would so want to wear one of them! Heck I want to wear one of them now.. but I would so look like a balloon in one!!! It would not be a pretty site me in one of those.. it would have to be rated not for the faint of heart!!! LOL

What could possibly be made from this mans work shirt??

Retro Revival has shared a fantastic tutorial on how to use two Men's work shirts to make this awesome apron :) Visit her blog to get her awesome tutorial on how to make this fun and and exciting up-cycled apron :)

Here is another creative find from Maya*Made:
What did Maya make out of an old T-shirt??

She made this fantastic blouse ;) This clothing re-designer has some other fantastic up-cycled items up on her blog run by and drool over them like I did ;)
The skirt was also re-purposed.. but she forgot to take a before photo.. she was so excited about her design idea .. she forgot..

Wow this is what you can do with some imagination and some old boy scout shirts. Heck I think you could use any type of uniform shirt for this fun and sexy item... Craft Side did just that.. made an awesome item out of an up-cycled item. Run by Craft Side and look at some of her other fun and amazing sewing projects.

Before 2 uniform shirts.... After????

This is one sexy hot little number.. I love it.. and how creative it is. This little dress would look so cute on a teen aged daughter!! Or any young woman for that matter ;) So run over to Craftside and take a look at some of her other fun creations.

7 comments: said...

Hi! So glad I found you (from MY blog!). And what a nice surprise to find you blogged about the apron I upcycled from my husband's old work shirts; I LOVE upcycling! Looking forward to following you:)

Karen E - A.K.A. Beth said...

I have made shirts from men's shirts so that I can have comfortable and not new clothes for gardening etc. I have used this site for my pattern, the only thing I changed was I like my sleeves about three quarter length. It is really cute in the end.

Soggibottom said...

I know why I found you many many moons ago... it's because you always made me smile :-)
x x x

Sherry said...

WOW what a great job. Good ideas. love looking at what your up to.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is WOW! That is amzing! What an incredible transformation - now THAT is talent! Congratulations!

p.s. APP, I can't chat tonight because I can't log into google, so I can't use my blogger, nor my sorry! I hope I can get it fixed soon.

Happy weekend :-)
With Love,
Doris and Gizzy

maria said...

That's amazing what can be done with old clothing.

Very impressive from these pictures.

Janet, said...

Those are really neat! I like to recycle, too, but I just usually make quilts or purses out of used clothing and jeans.