Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Look What I Just Won :)

I was trying to bid on a stripped down Featherweight on Ebay... I am still looking for that less than 75 dollar Featherweight that needs a lot of tender loving care... I know I might be dreaming to find one that price.. but I am not going to give up my hunt for one!!! Dad has promised me that we can restore one together.. I would love that.. it would be such a great project for the two of us. It would be that special machine to pass down to family. I thought I had one bought and someone snatched it out from under me the very last second of bidding :o( So what did I do.. I bid on this and won it for less than 22 dollars that includes shipping.... New they sell for over 49.00 bucks. So I think I got an excellent deal!! Its been hardly used so the seller says. It still comes with everything in the box like it was brand new ;) I have a collection of vintage toy sewing machines. I am sure you have seen one or two here on my blog ;) I figured it would be fun to have one of these and a Hello Kitty. I am still waiting to purchase the Hello Kitty.. I want the turquoise color .. wouldn't that be cute the two of them side by side!


Canarella said...

good deal how cute

Jen Sue Wild said...

Hot dog Congrats!!!

CJ said...

Cute, cute, cute!!! :)
Too bad you didn't win the featherweight machine :( maybe next time!

Becky said...

You are so funny! I guess I am too cause I would love to have a Hello Kitty machine! they're just so darn cute!