Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello ladies.. I have received some questions regarding the swap.
First of all ..... Thank you for joining in on the fun!!
Yes if you want to send extras... you can it is not required on this swap. If you send extras make sure its a small amount... for example an extra potholder or a matching tea towel. I know that some of you have been in many many swaps before and its hard not to send a huge amount of extras. But remember AuntPittyPat is always about the required item not getting all hung up on the extras. Extras are never required in my swaps. So if you send extras please keep them minimal...don't be disappointed if your partner doesn't send anything extra.. because they met the swap requirements. If you haven't read my swap etiquette.. please do to remind yourself of general swap rules ;)
Second.. yes the potholders are made anyway that you want.. they can be crocheted, knitted, appliqued, quilted, or what ever your skill. Yes they can be a holiday potholder if you wish.. This swap is all about fun!!!
So go out there and create create create.... lets see your amazing skills ;)


Doris Sturm said...

Wow, you collect sewing machines like I collect yarns only your collections are much, much more expensive! I like the Pixie color - very girlish ;-) Now you can teach Pitty how to operate it with her little paws ;-)
I'm so excited about this potholder swap and am so glad I participated...:-)
Have a great day! Keep cool in more ways than one ;-)