Monday, July 5, 2010

Work week was crappy last week!!!

I had a horrible week at work last week.. It was very busy and the citizen's didn't like the answers that I was giving them. In fact one of them wanted to come down to the station and kick my behind. NOW I wonder really what was up with that???? I have to tell you that was a very bad day to answer the phones.. I sure didn't make any friends that day...but then on Sat... I got a wonderful surprise in the mail from my sweet dear friend CJ :) Some how or the other we were talking about a photo that she had posted.. of a sewing machine mat. Its one of those little rugs that go under your sewing machine to help keep it from slipping around on your table... I was telling her how much I adored it and guess what.....
You guessed it by now.. Yes she made me one of these fantastic little gems!!!
Here let me show you :) Don't you just love the material???
I have to tell you I am always so pleased and honored
when I receive anything made with love from CJ.
She is such a great seamstress!!!

Look at all the wonderful pockets along the front of this little sewing machine pad. Huge pockets for scissors, turners, pincushion, seam guide and so on... I just love it. I haven't been up stairs to sew all weekend.. but I will get up there soon and put my lovely gift up under my BabyLock.
Psssss thanks CJ for sending me the photos.. its been cloudy and dark here all weekend!! My photos never seem to come out any good when its too cloudy. Still raining here since Friday! Yeah we could always use the rain :)


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Glad to hear things were looking up by the weekend! Love your little mat with all the pockets. How sweet of CJ to make it for you! Love that fabric too!


Doris Sturm said...

Glad you survived that obnoxious caller without much harm...I just hate people like that! They are so angry and just want to share ...

Anyhow, that sewing machine mat is beautiful. I love the pattern too - how handy to be able to have everything right there - like an apron for the sewing machine?

Very cute! Hope your week will be better today, APP ;-)

We love you,
Doris and Gizzy

9patchnurse said...

I have one of those too, made by my friend, Diane. I love it!! Yours has more pockets, very cool. Enjoy!

NadineC said...

Oh that's soooo cute! CJ is a wonderful friend :-) Can't wait to meet her in person!

Mistea said...

You are so spoilt that sure is a great way to end a less than average week.

I hope you get lots of time to play in the sewing room - now you will know where everything is - just where you need it.

Have a wonderful week.

CJ said...

You are way too sweet to me, dear M!!!! but I'm sooo happy that you like your sewing machine mat (or "sewing machine apron", as Doris called it! - I LOVE♥ that, Doris!!) I can't sew without mine! lol!! everything I need is in the pockets :) I'm thinking about a tutorial for these, what do ya think?
Can't wait to meet you too, Nadine!!♥

Unknown said...

Oh yes I love the coined phrase sewing machine apron... Doris that is awesome!!! I am going to use that from now on!! :)
Well heck yes you need to make a tutorial up on the new pins site ;)
I am sure all of us sewers would love to have the instructions. Now that I have my mom and my sister sort of quilting it would be a lovely gift for the two of them.