Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I was just over to one of my favorite blogs.. Jane's Fabrics..
and what did I spy this:

Jane the sweet lady that she is... is wanting to make a quilt for Lissa. You are saying to yourself who is Lissa.. Well Lissa is a sister-in-law to our very own Mel.. from Mel's Place. From what I read Lissa.. she has been in the hospital for over 7 months now. Her condition was and is very serious, although Mel's up dates on her condition has improved over time. It sounds like Lissa needs to have some joy brought into her life.. That is why Jane wants to make Quilts...
So here is the Challenge.. You can send in one set of blocks or you can send in a dozen... I am going to send in blocks... hopefully up to 12 block sets.. I Challenge you to send in 12 block sets or batting and thread to help make these wonderful quilts. These quilts are for a very special sweet sick woman that needs some joy in her life.

Here is what Jane says about the size of blocks:

I am asking for 4-Patches. One or more; made with 5 inch squares.
Lissa colors: Purple, Green, Cream. Think; calm, serene.
Also, please send one 5 inch CREAM square as a siggy block. Add your name, where you live and any words of love, faith and encouragement. She will love these to read.

Jane has posted examples on her blog... so run over to Jane's Fabrics .. click Here to get more details about these blocks. Jane has given a due date of Sept 4th when all blocks and supplies need to be received at her home. Ladies that gives us a ton of time to come up with these needed blocks and supplies. Lets go forth and show all the love in our hearts!!!
Even if you only have time for one block set that helps~~

So lets burn up some more of that stash and do something wonderful for some very sweet women :)


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

You know I think the world of you! Thank you!!