Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I have been checked up on :)

Thank you so much my sweet followers..
It's so nice to get emails wondering if I am ok.
I know I have been remiss in my posting on the blog..
but I have had so much going on this summer.
I am sorting and cleaning in great anticipation of the girls coming here in Oct for the girls week out. I finally got the approval from my Attorney to go to a new Doctor for my auto injuries from workers comp. I have started back to physical Therapy so that takes up 3 of my days, some times 4 if I have other doctors appointments.... Which I have been to at least 6 doctors in the last two weeks.
My job at work has changed. I now work 8 hour days and 5 days a week. I sure do miss that extra day off.. but I so like coming home at 3 in the afternoon. Besides working on Sunday is a very easy day.. not a lot of phone calls or walk ins. I think since the new schedule started I have gotten only 2-3 cases a day on Sunday.. the other days it can be up to 14 cases a day and 100 phone calls and 30-45 walk ins.. Needless to say after days like that all I want to do is veggie in front of the TV. I have been working on some quilt blocks for a child's quilt. I started designing the blocks for Big Daddy O's and Bubba's quilt... I am trying to make them for Christmas. I have been working on a few other secret secret projects.. those will be shared later. I need to work on my potholder!! Its due in Norway... and I haven't even started. I am so bad.. I did email my partner to let her know I am behind on her swap. I have been working in the yard a tad doing some clearing out of trees.... so the other two little dogs can get a breeze circulating around their kennel. It seems like my days off have not been mine in two or three weeks.. spending time with family and friends.. that's ok.. because that is good for all of us to spend time with those that we love. Besides I get free home cooked meals :) Yeah!!


CJ said...

Glad to hear you are getting into the rhythm of your new hours at work, but I'm sure that 5th day does make your week long.
Take it easy in this heat! yuk! :(

K-Swizzie said...

I'm a new follower of your blog! I'll be signing up for your halloween bag swap, it's my favourite holiday. I've already started planning the tote I'll make!