Friday, July 23, 2010

Wanted Dead or Alive_KS Public Servants

I thought I would share some of my life before my accident in June of 2008. These are men and women that I know and have worked with out on the bricks. Some for many years others.. not so long. The people in this video are EMT's, Fire Fighters, Sheriff Deputies, State Troopers, and my beloved Police dept. I can tell you after working on the streets for almost 35 years.. its very hard to say goodbye. I miss everyday being out there on the street. It gets in your blood and its hard to let go!! I may never be able to let it go!! I hope I don't.. because I loved every minute of helping others. I hope I can come to terms with not being in my old job some day!! Now I have to ride the pine and answer the phones. (ride the pine = desk duty) My family members are very happy that I am now setting at a desk.... But I think it S_ _ ks!!! I guess things could be worse!! It's been very hard for me to adjust to this life style change.. I guess I should be thankful I am one of the few that still has a job. I know there are those out there that would give anything to have my job.
I know I have to just learn to adapt.. but some days its really hard!!
Like today it has been gnawing at me all day!!
I think life has given me lemons..
and I better find a good recipe to make tasty lemonade :)
Thanks for listening to my Pitty Party..
and nothing towards my sweet Pitty Pat!
Enjoy the video about my world.

Note from Videographer:
Brent Tiede

I made this video in Honor of all the brave men & women that work Police, Fire, & E.M.S. after the tragic L.O.D.D. of Sedgwick County Sheriff's Deputy Brian S. Etheridge on 09/28/2009.
I am proud to have to worked for Sedgwick County E.M.S. and getting to work with a great group of men & women (some more demented than others). Majority of these pictures were taken by professionial photographers - Craig Hacker, Andy Thomas, & Sean Black...which their websites are listed on the end credits. These are pictures of Wichita Police, Wichita Fire, Sedgwick County Sheriff, Sedgwick County Fire, & Sedgwick County E.M.S.
Rosa L Spainhour, M.I.C.T.
Assistant Director
Kiowa County E.M.S.


Jennifer said...

Wow... That's an awesome video that's hard to watch.