Sunday, June 14, 2009

Am I done yet???

Whoosh..............I just spent the last 4 1/2 hours on my blog getting it all cleaned up. So I don't have repeats on my blog listings. I have even sorted out most of my favorites. I went back and rechecked to see if their listings had added a follow button. If they did I added them to my list of blogs that I follow, and deleted them off the other list.

And here was the Pitty the whole time I was working on the computer... Yep you guessed it. Asleep in my lap all snuggly up under her blanket. It was sort of cool here in Ta Town this morning :) She was wrapped up so she could stay toasty warm as I worked along on my blog ;)

Don't you just love this huhhhhhhhhh what you want look???

I was even busy getting out emails to my swappers as the Annie Two Swap in now 2 weeks past. I have had several follow-ups from return emails. So yes this has been a busy bee mommie this morning.

Now its off to sew a bit and later today I am going to work on my KOI pond again. I almost have it all cleaned out. I now have to scrub the string algae off the sides with Vinegar and then rinse. After that its filling it up and making sure the pumps work and maybe in the next couple of days I can go to my friends and get the Koi he promised me :) Yeah the pond will be up and running again after two years of being down. I was not about to mess with it when I had my accident. Its been a two week ordeal already getting it emptied and clean out as it is. I am really getting excited about it though. I love the sound of the little fountains when I am setting out on the deck :)


Shana Putnam said...

Lucky You! I want a Koi pond but just cant at the moment! Love your doggy by the way!

Unknown said...

Shana Thank you .. I love her too :)I hope in the next couple of years, to build a bigger pond. Right now mine is only 275 gallons. I want a huge one next, with a big waterfall.