Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm Laughing out loud!!!

The Pitty had another exciting day. I had to give the outside Chi's a bath as all of them had to go to the Vets today to get annual shots, heart worm check up and heart worm meds. First off Pitty was upset because the older two dogs were in the house eating her food and getting moms attention. Not that it mattered that mom was giving the older dogs a bath. Which the Pitty has a fit over. She hates them!!! I bet its because mommie puts that stinky froo froo juice on her!! Coconut fragrance to be exact.

Then all heck broke loose..... she had a real fit when mommie put them in the truck to go bye bye too!!!! She is use to driving by herself without having critics by her side!!!

We arrived at the Vets..... The New Vet had never seen Fatty Matty or Tigger (Tig). My little Matty is a puppy with some challenges.. she has one little leg that is a chicken wing.. most people call her the tri-pod. When she was born the vet said she probably got squashed in the womb.. and that is why her little leg did not develop. It was a real challenge when she was little as all her sibs wanted to pull on that little leg.. making it very very sore. She had to have pain meds once in a while to make her more comfortable. It was funny watching her learn how to run on three legs when she was little... she would take a few steps and tumble head over end. I wish I had a cool camera back then. I would have taken video clips of her to keep. Now she does really good getting around. Its like she does this little hop sort of thing and she can run and keep up with the rest of them. She is very fast now. Too fast for me to catch when I am getting after her for doing something she should not.... Like going out the front gate!!! I run to swat her with a switch.. but I miss by a mile but she knows she is in trouble!!!

Ok so back to the story at hand.. the vet asked if I had any concerns... well "yes Dr you have to be careful with Matty.. she is very shy and she is very scared of Vets." Well Doc B scratched her on her head and talked sweet and wham in went the shot... she didn't even know what hit her.. she was so good... Really good in fact I was shocked.. the last time she went to the vet they scared her so bad she yip and howled and did both of her jobs on the person that was holding her!!! I was mortified on that ... I can tell you!!!

Tig was a good boy like he always is.. he gives you this big brown watery eye look .. like hey I am so sweet.. lets be nice and forget all about that shot business. He has this sweet... big dark eyed look like a little bat.. His eyes are that dark :) Here it is.....Oh no Dr B gave him some pats and it was all over before he knew it. Tig and Matty both got treats for being such good babies. Yes Fatty Matty took both treats and sucked them right down. You see where she gets her name Fatty Matty.. she is a big chow hound. She was a real pig when she was a baby.. all round and chubby :)

The Mommie takes a deep breath........... here come the finish....

The Pitty!!!! Yes I said the Pitty!!!!! She yelped and cryed and fuss and acted like we were murdering her!!! Poor baby she jumped and it caused her little arm to bleed some and so that meant some extra pressure and I thought she was going to pass out right there... she was so mad at me she stayed on her own side of the truck and didn't want to help drive home. She would steal peeks to see if I was still in the truck.. but she would not come near me. Its been 4 hours now and she just came up for some lovins. Silly little girl... I feel so bad for her... I am such a mean mean Mommie!!!!

Not its for her own good...

heart worms!!!

bad bad stuff!!!!


Bone*Head*Studios said...

I loved this post so much!!!! Your little Pitty is too too cute!!!

Sherry said...

Hi I just got your message but I will have to pass this time I was just in 5 other ones and I I jsut could not do it was to be 6 1/2 and all I could get them at was 6 1/4 so I had to drop out. This made it to stressful. So I am finishing up the other 4 and I have one to do for Halloween. But if you have another on I would love to do it. I just learned not to do 5 at one time.The 9 square sounds like fun but it will have to wait. My compurter is slower so when you have music it take me awhile to get on but I will keep checking for your next swap. How is you little Pitty doing has she come around. She still loves you. I would like to say thanks for asking me to join.

CathyJean said...

poor "wittle" Pitty!!! :)lol!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Oh yes "wittle" Pitty!!! It's the next day and she has forgotten the drama of it all. She went to bed with me last nite.. and woke up like her normal little self..except her wittle arm has a big bruse on it!! Where they took the blood out of her arm... its no bigger around than a pinky finger. Very very tiny.. the needle looked almost as big as her ;)
But she got lots of pats and lovins last nite and today :)
I was shocked the vet said she weighed 5 lbs and 7 ozs.. she has gained 6 ozs in 6 months .. I know winter fat!!! LOL Yes mommie gives her too many cookies ;)

Yarni Gras! said...

our last vet used to put that 'easy cheese' from a can on the table top and while the dog was licking it up, they'd get the shot.
I love you poochie stories!