Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its been a busy Tuesday Morning :)

I got up sort of early today on my day off and started sewing right away. Or well I should say as soon as I drank some of my Hello Good Morning Pepsi, and checked my emails and my little on line shops. Booo hiss no sales again today :(

Ok on with better stuff. I finished up my Private swap yesterday. I can't post photos of it because the finished products are a surprise to my Barter Partner. We both have skills the other one doesn't and we traded our talents. My sewing for her amazing creative eye :) I plan on getting her package posted in the mail either today or tomorrow depends on the available amount of time :)

Today is the day I have to go to trial on the Tonk Tonk Ba Donka Donk :) From when he was in Doggie Jail and supposedly bit the total stranger... who was playing ball with him. Wish me luck that I win my case. I am going to move to have the case dismissed as Discovery has not been complied with. I have not received reports requested from the City to prepare my case. We will see what happens tonite ;) It should be very interesting. I have prepared several questions for the witnesses. But I don't have some key documents that I need to review prior to trial. So we shall see :)

The Disappearing 9 patch blocks are starting to come in.. here are two blocks for your viewing pleasure ;)

Barbara G. USA

Angela L. USA

These are my Disappearing 9 patch blocks. The photo on top are the before whacked. The bottom photo is four blocks (mixed) after they were whacked. I have to tell you a story. I had every desire to use flowered material. I spent over 2 hours yesterday auditioning fabrics. I thought I was going to have to make a trip to town and go purchase some new materials. I just could not find 9 fabrics that went together nicely in my stash. But fate would have it I remembered I had these sets of Fat Quarters, that I purchased on sale. So Va la here are the whacked and chopped up finish fat Qts. I think they turned out pretty good :)

I tell you being a beginner quilt maker.. I am still having a few wonky seams.. any suggestions on how to fix that problem. I do use pins and sew a few inches and re-adjust. Seems like my blocks are not very sq. Is this normal?

I was also wondering when you join in on the block swaps do you square up before you ship them off or do you leave that up to the person who is getting the blocks?

Here is my next to final Annie that came in. I agreed to do a pvt swap with one on my followers :) Speaking of Annie's ... isn't this Annie adorable? I just love her she is so cute. She has these amazing little cloth shoes on and I love her sewed on hair. Look look she even has a little apron on and a little creature too :) This was a wonderful Annie made by Becky J.

I will try and work on my final Annie today also. I have to sew on her face and paint or sew on some shoes ;) I have not decided yet. Then if time allows I want to work on my new Annie pattern that I am trying to design. I am making a pattern for future Annie swaps here on my blog ;) I don't want to up set anyone by sharing and promotions of their products. Unless one of my sweet Annie lovers have designed and developed a pattern that they don't mind sharing for my swaps. Of course you would most certainly get the credit for letting us use your wonderful pattern :)

It's also time to go work on my 12 Themed Quilt blocks for the Halloween Spooktacular Block swap that I am in. I have already designed the block. Now its time to cut out the little pieces to applique together. There will be some hand sewing after the blocks are put together so I wanted to get the basics done today. So if I get a chance at work to blanket stitch some on breaks I can :)


If you have some left over scraps, ft qts , lol even yards :) that you are willing to share with me for free. Please send them my way!!! I would appreciate the help in finding some smaller print Halloween fabrics. I would even take some nice Halloween back ground print fabrics too. :) When ordering on line they usually want you to purchase a yard cut at a time.To get several different materials it would be out of my budget. Now.... is not the right season to find it in our local Jo Ann's store. LOL Yes I am being thrifty... and also trying to help you clear out your stashes :) I am trying to make Wonky House blocks. Everything I have is large Novelty prints. They don't seem to be cutting the muster!!! When making an eye pleasing block. I have to make 12 (12 1/2") square themed blocks and 12 (12 1/2") square 9 patch blocks using two colors. The 9 patch I have the needed amount of materials for them. But not all the different material prints for the Themed blocks. Yes you can say I am cyber begging!!!!! I am putting out this request for your help in finding enough Halloween small prints or back ground prints. To make my themed blocks ;)

Most of you all ready have my mailing address..Just go to the profile to find my e-mail address. Just E-mail and I will provide you with my address.

I will be happy to take your donations until the end of July :) Then its construction time :)

Thank you all for your help in this matter ;)


Shana said...

You have an award waiting for you at this post on my blog! Have a beautiful day.

Anonymous said...

I love the Annie!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Why did'nt you ask me! I can send you some with my 9-Patches, did you get my email where I asked if I could join twice?

NadineC said...

Oh, my friend! I will send you Halloween scraps/pieces/whatever! Miss Piggy and I will go down into the dreaded basement right now and find some! Well, ok - she'll probably be sniffing stuff other than fabric, but I will be braving the spiders and mousies to root out some good things for you :-)and I might even wash it first, to get that "basement" smell out of it!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Aweeeeeee your a dear friend :)
Thank you Nadine..Sorry I missed your shout out tonite.. just got back from court. The City continued the case. That is what I figured they would do. No such luck for dismissal.

grammatrish said...

hey Marcel, cool blocks for the swap! i posted a look at the ones I have finished, but not sure if they are just WAY too bright. have a look and see what you think. I have another choice that I can sew and cut and get mailed out. I will look at my halloween fabric and see what i have in small prints. I have LOTS of halloween, just not sure if there's small prints. is that swap still open??

Jennifer, Gypsy Hill Quilt Studio said...

Hi M,
I might have some small Halloween prints to send, I will check for that.
As far as the disappearing 9-patches, I have made quilts before using the pattern and I square up the blocks when they are still the 9-patch. But, it might make more sense to let the recipients square them up.
So how many do we have signed up for the swap? I need to get started sewing the blocks.

Jennifer, Gypsy Hill Quilt Studio said...

Oops, how silly of me. I see there are 35 people signed up. Okay, one more question:
Is "one block" the quarter of the 9-patch or is it all 4 pieces? Just need to know if I make ten 9-patches and cut them, or I make 40 9-patches. Sorry, I'm running blank on the brain cylinders tonight. :) LOL

Veronica said...

Hello thank you for your commentaries I am from Argentina do not speak English but equally we are going to understand where are you from ?

jo said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog. I am so glad you did as I would never of found this wonderful blog, so many things on here have made me laugh, you must be such a jolly person!!

Will be back for more later.

Jo xx

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I have some Halloween fabric packed with my blocks. I'll send everything off to you early net week.