Sunday, June 21, 2009

Are you a Mean Green Cleaning Machine???

Here is an ugly thing to talk about the first thing on a beautiful Sunday morning!!! But I came across this awesome post from Dollar Store Crafts and I just had to share it with my wonderful friends. This offering is from Merwing-Little Dear’s for making your own Swiffer duster covers!

When you’re done using them, toss ‘em into the laundry! Now you have no excuse for not mopping and dusting! Evil, I know!
You can make them out of fleece blankets from the dollar store, or better yet, microfiber dusting cloths (yes, they sell those at the DS too!). There aren’t any instructions for making the Swiffer mop cover, but it looks pretty simple, doesn’t it?
Another fantastic.... simple.... fun idea ;O)
An easy peasy way to go green reusable cleaning cloths!!!!


Betty aka Fudgie said...

And after you make them you can just plop your sweet cowgirl butt on the transportation of your choice and come here and clean! Bring the Tequila too!