Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Pocket Full Of Posies :)

Aweeeeeeee aren't these the most fantastic little flowers you have ever seen. I can see a bunch of these setting in my kitchen window and being able to see them as I am doing dishes. What a way to brighten up a gloomy day. For the instructions run by and visit American Crafts Studio:
Not only will you find this project you will find other wonderful and fun things to do ;) If your into scrapbooking this is the site to visit. These ladies have done some fun and amazing things with paper!!!

A close up of these fun little felt and button flowers.. fun fun fun!!!


Becky said...

Adorable and not so very hard to make I bet! Oooh, what about felt flower, then a yo-yo, then a button?!

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

SO cute, gonna try my hand at these! Thanks!

Janet, said...

These look so neat and easy. you could cut the flower out of those foam sheets. It would be great for a Bible School craft.