Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Christmas Gift Idea

I don't know about you but I just love those little tea wallets. Not to mention they are so darn easy to make ;) They are so handy and they look really cool too :) I know its a must in my purse/back pack to carry one. Everyone that sees it wants one ;) Well I have found another awesome tutorial at A Prairie Home Quilts. Just click on the name to go to the tutorial to make these wonderful one of a kind tea wallets ;)
Happy Sewing ;)

LOL here I go again..
You all know that I am famous for changing things,
that are already made or designed...
I make them just a tad bit better or more user friendly..
Well here is what I have came up with....
I have been looking at the finished items in the photos...
If it were me...
I would adjust the pattern/material to enclose the entire tea bag package..
so it doesn't distract from all of your lovely hard work :)

I know I will be changing mine .. when I get a round to making this pattern :)


Jennifer said...

I would change that too. It's a bit odd they stick out the top. It's cute though.