Monday, November 23, 2009

A great Honor has been bestowed upon me!!

A lot of my swappers have been sent e-mails from me to join a new and fun Sewing Group its called Pins and Needles. If you would like to join the group please send and email to the address in this post. I will get an invite sent to you as quickly as I can. In the Pins in Needles group you will find other ladies that like to sew and crochet and knit just like yourself :) So if you have not accepted my invitation please do so ... I would love to have you come join in on the fun :)

This post has been also posted on Pins and Needles

Hello ladies.... I have been given the most wonderful fun opportunity......
The Site Creator Brenda G. of Pins and Needles has invited me to be her assistant.. I am very honored and thrilled I have accepted the challenge. I will be helping her with all of your emails and other admin duties. In addition I will try to come up with fun and creative ideas too keep all of you interested and involved it this fun and wonderful site. So here is the deal if you have awesome suggestions, ideas or other just fun stuff that you would like to have posted. Please send to the following e-mail address: Brenda and I have some wonderful fun ideas to post in the near future. We are going to be holding challenges, give a-ways, discount pattern offers and just plain fun. Be here or be a Quilt Square :) It was also discussed that 7 pm Central time would be a nice time to come into the chat each night if you have the time. That way everyone will have sort of an idea when to drop by to chat, and the chances are greater you will find someone around to chat with! Thank you for letting me share this fun and wonderful news with all of you :) Brenda and I look forward to making Pins and Needles one of the best sites on the Net!!


Sandy Shirley said...

Well, may I be the first to contratulate you, Miss Pitty Pat! Brenda made a wonderful decision in choosing you as her able assistant!!!! I'm sure very good and exciting things are ahead for Pins and Needles. See you there!

jindiscottage said...

Congraulations APP, an hounour certainly deserved. Brenda couldn't have chosen a more suitable candidate for the position. Looking forward to seeing the fun and games you come up with - chat to you Sunday (my time) hopefully.

Cathy said...

Way to go, Auntie!!! You're good at this kind of stuff so I know there will be lots of fun stuff going on at Pins! Love the new groups and the Saturday night chat was awesome! Wish I could type faster... LOL!!

Doris Sturm said...

Congratulations, APP, but guess what? I thought you were already second chair beause you're so actively recruiting and diligently commenting on the are top shelf ;-)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Pitty - will she be eating turkey too?

(we're having a small chicken for three, me, Gizzy and Middi)