Friday, November 20, 2009

I just love Sewing Books from other Countries

I am home today passing time ... waiting on more news about my mom after her surgery late last nite. I understand she was alert and still had her usual sense of humor, when she came out of the operating room. That's a good thing considering the type of surgery she had. Several of you know that she has been ill. The results of the biopsy will not be know for a couple of weeks. Keep your fingers crossed its not the Big C.
So while being on pins and needles.. I have been passing the time chatting and looking at my favorite web sites on the net. I know I should be sewing.. but sometimes I just can't get with it when I have so much on my mind. ( I did come up with my penguin pattern for my second set of Christmas blocks) I have tried sewing when I am anxious then nothing goes right or at least as planned. To much ripping and restitching!!! I did sew some and completed some of the final stuff on most of the dolls... 5 dolls are totally completed.. two need buttons on their shirts then they are finished... then there is the final doll of the 8 to finish. It has hair and clothing to do and he is done...
(I even remade two of them. I didn't like how something or the other looked on them. So it was start over on those two.) ( I think in the last three months I've made 14 Annie's and Andy's)
Yeah everyone will be so happy they will have their dolls by Thanksgiving weekend ;)
I hate to say it.. but I will also be glad to have these dolls done. I will never start so many dolls at once.. I get too distracted... then I feel like I am not getting anywhere on the job at hand. Any future sewing of dolls.. its one at a time. Assembly line sewing was not ideal for me as a way to sew more at one time.
I also did some on line shopping ;)

This book is called: My Favorite Fabric Patch Work Japanese Craft Book
(this is the one that I purchased today )
While killing time today waiting on up dates about mom .. I went to Etsy and started checking out one of my favorite resources for purchasing Japanese sewing books... in case your interested in any of these wonderful fun books. I will have to stress all of the books are written in Japanese.. but if you know anything about sewing you can muddle through them.. most of the patterns have measurements in centimeters. That's easy peasy because most of our tape measures and rulers have millimeters on them now. If you can draw you can remake the patterns ;) Sometimes you can find a translation site that will help you figure out the wording of the pattens too ;)

I love this little book its called Happiness Flower Color Quilt ..
Several of the ladies refer to it as the Pink Book.. I purchased this one a while back. I love it.. it has all of the block patterns inside it for this little quilt that is featured on the front cover. This book has a lot of fun and sweet patterns to drool over. I especially like one of the patterns for a sweet little fabric patch worked purse and it comes in two sizes.

This little book is called Baby Quilt..
This is on my wish list.. it has some really fun themed blocks. Isn't this little boys quilt adorable... Aren't these vehicles fun??? I especially like how the little train runs around the edge of this quilt. Sew much fun!!!

This book is called: Patchwork Patterns
This little patchwork book is another little book on my wish list.. it has over 318 fabric patch work patterns. Aren't these cute??? I just love the little helicopter! These blocks would make some fantastic fun quilts, bags, totes, and apron panels.. I have provide more of the patchworks for your to see... aren't they creative and fun???


EmileeHope said...

Hope you have gotten good news about your mom. It is always so stressful when a family member is ill and there is nothing you can do! I agree that sometimes it is best to zone out and not have to concentrate on really doing anything during those times!!

San-Dee said...

{{{hopeful}}} vibes coming your way from MD; I hope the news is good. But if it is the Big C, remember you have a world full of friends online who will be ready to support you in whatever you need. So, just give Pitty a little hug, get a hot cup of tea (my favorite always has a shot of bourbon in it, but that's just me:-)), snuggle under a nice blanket/afghan/quilt and grab your favorite book to reread. It is cheaper than surfing the Esty stores....

Cathy said...

Some interesting looking books!
Glad to hear your mom's surgery is over, still praying for her! Hoping everything is fine and she will heal quicklt.

Rannyjean said...

I remember the waiting to hear about my mom...Aunt Pitty, my prayers and hugs are with you. Keep us posted, all of us CARE!

Midge said...

I used to wash walls or floors babe.

What ever it is...her sense of humour will see her through. x x x x

Julies knitting corner said...

Sending warm wishes to your mum and you, doctors can do so much these days I am sure all will be well. Keep on sewing and keep those fingers busy, its the best way. Julie.C

Doris Sturm said...

OK, Aunti Pitty Pat, now I'm doubly impressed. Not only do you sew, but you do it now in Japanese? Wow! I'm glad you had fun finding these little treasures. It's kind of like me finding pattern books for my crochet or knitting. I know how exciting it is, but I would not be able to do it in Japanese unless I spoke the language. Congratulations on your finds!

Have a great evening!
p.s. it was nice chatting with you and the ladies tonight.

Janet said...

I hope your Mom is doing well. It must be hard not to be there for her. Snuggle up with your cutie, and think good thoughts. I'm working on my swap patches tomorrow.

Rae Ann said...

Good wishes to your mom! I love seeing all of your darling quilt books from other countries.

Tulsi said...

My mom has lived in Switzerland for 22 years and she has sent me so many craft books. I'm not sure where they are at this very moment. Most of them are counted cross stitch. And a magazine called Maryanne. I can't read the words, but the pictures speak for theirselves.