Sunday, November 8, 2009

Here's another cool idea ;) Simple Sewing Companion...

Click photo for tutorial :)
I just fell in love with this little sewing kit and it looks very easy to do.. and makes up into a very charming gift ;) I could see using all of your wonderful left over scraps to make several of these for all of your friends and family :) What a nice item to take along... when you need to do some of that wonderful hand sewing on your projects. There's a place for all those needed sewing items in on handy little pouch.. look really close and you will see a small needle case.. in the bottom pocket :)

This quick and easy sewing case is pretty and practical and would be a perfect gift. Designed, made, photographed and kindly shared by Brenda Dean.© Quilters Pty. Ltd. 2006 on
Poplar Patchwork.


CJ said...

Thanks for this link ~ looks like a neat project! :)