Thursday, November 26, 2009

Isn't that the way it works out on Holidays??

Oh Darn!!! I went to bed felling yucky and woke up feeling really yucky... The guys at work must have given me their cootie bugs... darn them!! Well that means no going to dinner at any ones house. Which is ok with me??? Maybe not really !!! .. I was having a hard time trying to figure out who's feelings I was going to have to hurt by not going by their house. After all that concern for several days.. I end up staying home and having some Chicken soup, a Roasted Turkey sandmich and a Pepsi ;) Sounds yummy to me... Oh did I forget to say a Movie too??? I feel good enough to take some photos of recent activity in my home.. so I hope you enjoy them ;)

This is a photo of a King size quilt that I had commissioned several years ago for the Christmas Season. I put it on my bed during the holidays :) It has machine appliques all over it. Each block has a different Christmas design. My friend thought I was sort of nuts when I picked out the red and black material. But I think it turned out awesome.. I love it, and so does everyone else that sees it ;)

This is a photo of my Apron that I received from AwtemNymf it was her first try at making an adult sized apron. Its the perfect size and I love the fact that its also reversible ;) I have to brag on this little apron just a tad.. The finished result... looks like AwtemNymf has made aprons for years and years.. there was not... one stitch out of place. No threads hanging.. and all the seams were pressed and turned out perfect. All the seams were very true and straight...An amazing job for a first apron.. and I am a very lucky lady to own such a treasure :0) Thank you my sweet friend for trying on a new skill.. you did an awesome job ;) LOok!!! My fun sweet little Annie..... she's riding around in the pocket ;)

Here is another photo of this wonderful and fun apron. The rick rack and pumpkin buttons take this great apron to WOW !!! Don't you just love this little Annie.. I entered into a trade with AwtemNymf and I received 4 awesome fun Annie's.. you will see a photo of them later in this post.
I have to tell you that I was spoiled with this awesome swap. I even received some just because items.. like candy, a wonderful fun Christmas Magazine, hot cocoa, a Gingerbread Ornie, and sweet plaque, a gift for my niece, and the list goes on and on .... Thank you AN for such a wonderful fun swap.

I also had another apron partner in my recent Spooks Rattles Pots and Pans swap .. Here is a very fun apron that Nadine made for me... Isn't it awesome.. I love the fun Spook Spatula ;) its hard to see but there is a matching potholder too :) Nadine is always making me the best aprons when we are swap partners.. Thank you my Sweet Friend!!! I don't know where Nadine finds such fun fabrics.. but she is always finding some fun stuff to use in swaps and trades ;)

He He He here are the awesome fun Annie's that I received as trades from AwtemNymf... aren't they adorable.. I received one Halloween Annie, One Christmas Annie, One everyday Western Annie, and one Small Annie that is suppose to go to my wee Niece out in California.. but I am having a hard time giving this one up :) I loves her so. AwtemNymf has said she would make another and put it in the mail to her... so I can not get my hands on it and want to keep it ;) I laughed out loud and told her that is what might need to happen :) She chuckled and asked do you want Christmas fabric on it???

Here is the before photos of some of the dolls... The bone Yard!!!

Ok you keep hearing me talk about all of these Annie's and Andy's that I have been making. Well here they are all in a big pile ;) Aren't they cute???

This is the little girl pile ;) LOL I know the little girl on the far left looks funny.. I can't seem to find the matching fabric.. I know its somewhere upstairs in the mess that I call a sewing room ;) I will continue to look for it.. I must have some bows around her pigtails ;) I do have to admit out of all the Andy's and Annie's.. the little girl in the bright blue dress is my favorite out of this whole bunch of dolls ;) Ms Nadine likes the one right next to it because of her silly little top knot ;0) I think she just likes that funny little smirk :)

Here is the little boy pile.. each doll was made with each child in mind.. they were made age appropriately. If they were small babies they have painted eyes and hand made felt buttons. If the child was a tad older they got stitched faces with some painted eyes. If they were a lot older they got all hand stitched faces and button eyes.


luv2quilt2 said...

Love your Annies. I haven't made a doll for years, but I love them.

soggibottom said...

The only cootie bug around here is me.,,,,
I have never really been into Annies, BUT! These look lovely happy guys.....want one!
Really good x x x

Cathy said...

Dearest M,
OH NO!!!!! I'm so sorry to hear you are sick :( not fun anytime, but especially on Thanksgiving - not fair! Take care, rest and get well soon!
and...OMG!!! I love seeing all your babies posing together for those cute pics!! They are the cutest ever, I LOVE them!! :)
You really have been sewing up a storm.
PS - Thanks for sharing that beautiful quilt with us, so nice to have a holiday quilt for your bed :)

Valerie said...

Staying home sounds so good to me but I would not want to be sick. I hope you feel better soon. I love that quilt! Gorgeous. And the Annies are precious! I didn't join any swaps because we are planning a wedding on Dec. 19th. It is keeping us kind of busy. Happy Thanksgiving.

Melinda said...

I am sorry you had a sick day but thank you for sharing your Christmas Quilt. I plan on putting mine on my bed tomorrow. I love it also. Your Annies are so cute. I can see why you love them.

Rae Ann said...

I am so sad that you had to spend this special day alone. It sounded like you made the best of it! I love the quilt, and the Annies are so adorable. I made many pairs of them 20 years ago. Seeing yours has made me want to make them again!


Hi--guess some people don't understand that some of us like to home alone at the holidays--I got in the habit when I had a full time shop I owned--I so enjoyed my two days off each year---all by myself--Thanksgiving and Christmas--so I understand!!! Love your quilt and dolls!!
Hugs, Di