Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Monday and a Road Trip

The day started out bright and early in the morning.. the alarm went off and both of us hopped out bed. Eager to start the day... We were going to go somewhere special....It was road trip time!!! We had to make a stop on the way out of town... Mommie was getting gas and snacks together at the stop and rob .. before we headed south on our trip to Oklahoma :) Mommie got Iced Tea for her and snacks for the two of us. It had started raining in the night.. it continued to rain as we headed out on our road trip. As you can see by the photo its raining outside ;) There was concern that we would have to cancel our trip due to the bad weather that was coming into our area. It did start sleeting on us before we got out of town. Although we drove out of the sleet... It continued raining the entire trip to
Guthrie Ok.

OH Boy Mommie is taking me on a road trip.. I am so excited!!! She promised me ... we were going to meet someone wonderful and new!!! Looky here at me!!! Mommie brought along several of my warm and toasty blankets. (Thank goodness she did because at one point in the day Mommie was not paying attention to me!! Ok I could not help my self.. my eyes were watering and my legs were crossed.. I just could not hold it any longer.. I tinkled on my blanket. Then I thought Mommie was going to scold me so I jumped over to her seat... darn it!! I was such an embarrassed nervous mess.. I wet on her seat too. Thank goodness Mommy shut up and took me so I could finish up my business in the only dirt/ grassy spot I think they had in town!!!) I really needed this extra dry blanket when I got back to the truck. I was shivering like a pup-cycle. I was shaking from being out in the blowing wind and cold.. Mommie turned the heater on full blast until I got all toasty warm :)

Here I am all cozy in my booster chair. I like this chair...I can look out the window, while Mommie drives. I knew this was going to be a long drive, because Mommie only puts me in my chair when we are driving a long distance. I am much safer here than in her lap. There is even a seat belt that clips on to my harness. That way I can't jump out and get myself hurt, just in case I get excited at something that I see.

Ok ok we have been on the road for an hour and now I am bored.. are we there yet???
I can't wait to meet our new friend!! So drive faster Mommie..
Are We There Yet????

See I told you I was bored.. I have settled in and now its time to take a nap.. Mommie can drive without me. But let me tell you... I still have the keen ears of a deer.. I can hear that waxy wrapper from the cinnamon bun that Mommie got for herself for breakfast.. she only gave me those old nondescript beggin strips, she is such a piggy wiggy not sharing that tasty tid bit with me.

LOoK at mE ..... here I am all cozy warm and sound asleep. Who wouldn't take advantage of being chauffeured. Mommie is playing with the radio, driving and not paying any attention to me.. so Hurrrumpf!!!

Here is a photo of all the commute traffic it was bumper to bumper as you can see.... we had to put up with way too much traffic as we drove south to Oklahoma!! LOL this is normal for the roads around here.. cars a mile ahead of you.

Here we are .. we finally made it... See that's my friends SUV next to our old faded out Toyota 4X4 farm truck.

Hey kids this is my new friend CJ.... she is one of Mommies dear blogging buddies. They became friends well over a year ago. Mommie first had contact with CJ in her Etsy Shop. CJ had a fantastic re-usable grocery tote bag.. that Mommie bartered for ;) Mommie believes in bartering and up-cycling clothing items were ever possible.. That's how she can afford to keep me in scooby snacks. Besides Mommie trades talents all the time with you lovely ladies ;)
The following photos are of Mommie and CJ at the Antique Shop.. boy did they have a good time!
I want to point out the hat that CJ is holding ....Mommie almost purchased that hat.. it was so much fun.. you should see the girls.. Oh yeah right you will..
here they are ;)

Here's CJ in this lovely Red hat ;) Isn't she pretty.. this fun Red hat looks lovely on her.. all she needs now is a purple shirt ;) We did look at some lovely prairie skirts that were for sale..

Ok ladies you never get to see face photos of Mommie.. That's because she says she is fat and dumpy!!! Mommie... said to me.. whats up??? You never get my good side.. What the heck does that mean??? She looks the same on both sides to me :) Oh my!!! You can see her expensive silver toofie in this photo.. Tisk Tisk Tisk.....Mommie has already said I would be in trouble if I posted this photo of her. .but I thought it was so cute.. her and CJ were having such a fun time laughing and trying on vintage hats. If you look really close Mommie has on a Purple Shirt.. does she fit the part??? According to the kids out in CA .. she is now a senior ;)

I had to show this hat.. Mommie says that some guy by the name of Elton John would love to wear this hat.. I don't know about him.. but I laughed out loud when Mommie showed it to me. Now that is one Ugly Hat!!!

The rest of the day was spent looking in antique shops, getting lunch, and of course we went into the fabric shop and Mommie had to purchase some Christmas fabrics... It was late afternoon and CJ had to go and Mommie wanted to head back home before it got too late. Since we knew the weather could be bad up our way.

Here is a photo of the three of us together.
Don't we look happy ;)
There was a really nice lady in the Drug Store that took this photo of us.
Thank you nice lady ;)

Mommie and I stopped by the family and land on the way home.. but it was too cold to stay outside long.. we did decided that we must come down to the land this spring and take care of some needed chores around the family plots, and get the head stones re-set. I have to laugh.. Mommie was driving along and missed our exit... so we had to go a few miles out of the way... What was she thinking??? Was it about the wonderful day that we had.. I hope so .. I had a fun day too!! We hope to see you in the spring CJ...


Kathy said...

did you get any of that cinnamon roll puppykins?

Unknown said...

Why yes she did ;)
Not too much of it though... bad for her toofies ;)

gin said...

what a great day! I love the pictures of you all snuggled in your pretty pink blankets.

Sherry said...

Well you tell wonderful stories of you and your moms trip. Do you think you can give me pointers on how I can train my cat so she will like car rides. I'm glad that your mom had lots of blankets for you I love you pink ones you look so cozy.

Sandy Shirley said...

Pitty - you are such a good blogger! It looks like you and Mommie had a wonderful time meeting her sweet new friend.

CJ said...

Hi, there! Miss Pitty :)
I'm so happy you had a good time on Monday! Mommie and I had so much fun chatting and shopping :)
Thank you for sharing our wonderful day with all our blogging buddies (you did a great job with the pics).
Maybe we will get together again in the spring and it won't be so cold. Poor lil' girl, you were just shivering so bad!! :( Who knew Ole Man Winter was going to sweep down Kansas into Oklahoma and give us a preview of things to come! LOL!!
pss! Be sure to tell Mommie I said Hi! :)

AwtemNymf said...

Well Ms Pitty- you look darling in pink! Pitty in Pink!! :O) What a fab road trip you all had!
Your Mommie is so sweet and I finally saw a full face! She's as sweet as I pictured :O)
Hugs to you all! os- Mommie should be getting her package soon! Roof! :O)

Tulsi said...

What a sweet pupppy! My UHP husband would totally approve of the chair!!

Soggibottom said...

I think the doggy chair is a great idea too. Nothing wrong with your photo. I love seeing happy beautiful smiley people. x x x

San-Dee said...

road trip: three words: I am jealous

it sounds like you had a wonderful day, browsing around stores and hanging with a friend. Good for you!

NadineC said...

Meeting bloggie friends is so wonderful! I can attest to that because I got to meet Pitty and Marcel in September! Uh..should I have said "Marcel and Pitty"? Well, we know who really runs the show in that household...and it's not Marcel, LOL! The Pitty is cuter even than her pics, if that's possible! And Marcel is the sweetest, most wonderful person you'd ever have the pleasure of meeting. I know she and CJ had the best of times together! Let's just hope that more of us can get together with each other to talk about sewing, sew, sew-shop, did I mention sewing?

JKW said...

Oh Pitty, you are a hoot. I love the outing. It looks so fun and you are so safe and sound in the truck. I am proud of how mommy takes care of you. Contrary to the hat you didn't like, I loved it and have something it would go with :) You have a beautiful mommy. . . she shines inside and outside :) Lots of doggie (((Hugs))). Blessings, Janet

Joolz said...

Thanks Pitty Pat for showing us your road trip and the lovely pick of your Mommy. It's nice to put a face to a name.

Cheers - Joolz