Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Aunt Pitty Pats Mystery Meat. :)

LOL Not a Deer ^^^^^^ Moose :)

I love to deer hunt.
I also eat what meat I take for harvest.

I have a lot of city friends that say:

"Yuck I would never eat Deer Meat."
Well Deer meat they eat, when they come to my house :)
I never say a word....I just throw it on the grill or added to my recipes, like the summer sausage, chili, meat loaf what ever.

One Christmas everyone was so Ohhhh-ing and Aweee-ing how great the summer sausage was... so I broke down and told them.. that I made the summer sausage and what was in the summer sausage. Everyone was stunned that it was so good tasting. Everyone was laughing and joking and having such a good time about it. Even the non-deer eaters loved it. During the course of the evenings event, someone asked if I would please make Mystery meat for them again...So the coin phrase sort of stuck so many years ago... after me using deer meat. Because you didn't know if you were getting Beef, Deer, Elk or what from my house to eat :)
If I don't make Mystery Meat Summer Sausage now they have a holy conniption ... they don't want store purchased Summer Sausage any more. I guess that is a compliment :)

Now when I have to take a dish to a pot luck... Someone who knows me will always ask me... Did you use mystery meat in your dish? I just wink and smile and get all the oooohhhs and aweeessss :) and chuckle to myself :)


Yarni Gras! said...

I love deer meat too. Dean doesn't hunt though so we don't get it often.....