Friday, October 10, 2008

Pillow Case Pumpkin Costume

This simple but adorable pumpkin costume can be made using an ordinary pillowcase in about 1 1/2 hours.
Tools and Materials
Orange pillowcase
Measuring tape
White chalk pencil
Spool of thread
1/4 yard brown felt
1/2 yard green felt
Orange cording
Sewing machine
Pumpkin Costume
1. Turn pillowcase inside out, fold in half and lay flat, making sure to match folded edge with stitch line of pillowcase.
2. Measure from child's neck to inner thigh, then add an inch for ease and seam allowance.
3. Trace a 5-inch half circle for the arm hole, 1 inch away from flange. Using fabric scissors, cut arm holes in fabric. Pin fabric in place to prepare for sewing. Sew hem using straight stitch.
4. Enlarge template 200 percent; print. Trace template on brown felt using white chalk pencil. Cut felt pieces around template.
5. Using fabri-tac, take cut face pieces and attach to fabric. Push orange cording through to create drawstring. Knot cord and fray check ends.
Stem Hat How-To
1. Enlarge template 175 percent; print.
2. Cut stem pattern on the fabric fold. Sew back seam, right sides together. Sew circle in top opening, wrong sides together. Trim seams if needed.
Treat Bag How-To
1. Create a treat bag by making a drawstring bag with the excess end of the pillow case. Round the corners of the bag and use fabri-tac to glue on a smaller pumpkin face (using pumpkin face template ), and sew green felt around the top.

I have provided the templates you will have to enlarge as big as you need them. Just right click and save :)